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OnTime Software Release Notes

This page documents many of the additions and changes included in recent updates made to the OnTime software and services.


  • Added Knowledge Base button to the Help tab.
  • User interface improvements to various windows and ribbon tabs, including new icons.
  • Improvements for high-DPI (4k) displays.
  • Improvements to OnTime SDK structure and documentation.
  • Improvements to the Find Duplicates tool under Locations, including the ability to right click in the list of duplicates and choose Check Selected Items, Check All, and Uncheck All.
  • Issue that could cause an invoice exported to certain file formats and attached to an email message to be corrupted.
  • Issue that could cause some detected duplicates within the Find Duplicates tool under Locations to not be removed when selected.
  • Issue that could cause an error when viewing an order without a status assigned.
  • Issue that would present an error when processing an order without collection or delivery location.
  • Various issues reported via the OnTime error reporting service.


  • Under the billing view, the invoice and payment lists now each have ribbon tabs, making it easier to access common functions such as sending emails, previewing, and receiving payments.
  • Invoices can now be saved directly to a number of file formats. This can be performed on individual invoices or in bulk across many invoices at once.
  • Improvements to the appearance of the user interface, including remastering of additional iconography for increased display scaling on high-DPI (4K) displays.
  • Improvements to the OnTime SDK and extension framework.
  • Improvements to the way invoice totals are rendered within the invoice list.
  • Improvements to the loading and refreshing performance of the invoice list.
  • Issue that could cause an error to appear when running on non-English language versions of Windows.
  • Issue that could cause a failure to calculate zone based prices if the appropriate system database providers were not configured correctly.
  • Various issues reported via the OnTime error reporting service.


  • Improvements to the workflow designer window.
  • Webhooks that are scoped to selected customers are now available within a customer's notification list.
  • Issue that could result in an error when business statistics graphs are loading.
  • Issue that could result in an error when starting a new order within order entry or viewing a route stop.
  • Various issues reported via the OnTime error reporting service.


  • Issue causing an error to occur within the order entry process under specific circumstances.
  • Various issues reported via the OnTime error reporting service.


  • Issue with some billing cycle schedules displaying incorrect cycle end dates.
  • Fixes for an issue that would cause the application to not start properly.
  • Various issues reported via the OnTime error reporting service.


  • OnTime Management Suite and Dispatch now run on .NET Framework 4.6, making for a better experience on Windows 7, 8, and 10.
  • All new support for extensions developed using the new OnTime SDK. Extensions can be created to perform custom tasks and are deeply integrated into OnTime. Using the OnTime SDK makes it possible to tightly integrate OnTime accounts with other software systems and sites. You’ll be able to create, read, and update data from most areas of an OnTime account.
  • OnTime SDK: The OnTime SDK provides a powerful application programming interface (API) that allows a developer to control many of the basic functions of an OnTime account. This makes it possible to control how data is read, created, and updated. Using this approach, a programmer can easily extend the functionality of OnTime desktop applications such as OnTime Management Suite and OnTime Dispatch. These extensions become part of the OnTime application and can offer deep integration with other software systems.
  • High resolution and high DPI support for 4K monitors. Icons, text, and other UI elements have been remastered and optimized for display on high-density screens. OnTime will look better than ever on such screens.
  • Custom row spacing: Set the space between rows to suit your taste. Choose narrow, normal, and wide. Find this setting under General Options > Personalization > Row spacing.
  • Ability to install and manage extensions from within OnTime Dispatch.
  • In addition to installing extensions through the Manage Extensions window, now double click an extension file to install.
  • Ability to track exporting of invoices via a custom extension. This appears as a new column with checkboxes under the Billing > Invoices view.
  • Control over whether or not extensions can be installed and used. Find these settings under General Options > Connections > Extensions.
  • Addition of Autosize Columns command to the context menu of many lists within OnTime Management Suite.
  • Improved mapping within driver view of OnTime Dispatch.
  • Improvements to functions within the report designer.
  • Improved support for languages, including Arabic script. Rendering reports to PDF and other formats will benefit from this improvement.
  • Security warning now appears when installing extensions.
  • Improved support for legacy extensions written before the OnTime SDK. These legacy extensions now load and run side-by-side with new extensions authored using the OnTime SDK.
  • Redesigned General Options area within OnTime Management Suite.
  • Improvements to the reliability of website applets, including improved routing support for price calculations.
  • Improved communication between OnTime Management Suite and OnTime Dispatch when both programs are installed and running on the same PC.
  • Customer balance is now available as a field within invoice reports.
  • Improvements to the display of the time clock within OnTime Dispatch. The current time clock status and the amount of time logged in is now displayed.
  • The function for troubleshooting network problems has been improved to be more accurate and respond to additional types of networking issues.
  • Issue with negative miscellaneous amounts not properly transferring to QuickBooks.
  • Issue where embedded web pages would not display properly on a high DPI monitor with increased display scaling.
  • Improvements to billing cycle schedules where some specific schedules did not calculate properly.
  • Issue within the order entry view wherein the order entry form would be cut off at the bottom because of lengthy customer comments.
  • Issue where grouped modifiers would not function properly in specific scenarios.
  • Issue where an error could appear on first load if another OnTime application was running.
  • Issue with the mapping of a customer’s address not appearing on the map.
  • Various issues reported via the OnTime error reporting service.


  • Web services updated to be more secure, more reliable, and better performing.
  • Various issues reported via the OnTime error reporting service.

Archived Release Notes

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Just have to say that I am really digging this OnTime dispatch software. I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for all the time and patience you have devoted to my questions. It has been a bit overwhelming getting all this together for my fledgling business and you have been an incredible help and your customer service skills are superior. Thank you so very much.

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