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Use OnTime to Post Customized Invoices and Information to QuickBooks

Your courier company must track and manage various information about the orders that you process. OnTime communicates with QuickBooks by Intuit to help you to manage your invoices and information in both OnTime and QuickBooks. The invoices that you post to QuickBooks can be customized from within OnTime.

QuickBooks and courier software support

You can post one or more invoices to QuickBooks from the Billing area of the OnTime Management Suite. Information is sent to QuickBooks with your invoices, such as Tracking Number, Delivery Location, etc., can be adjusted as you wish.

Assign QuickBooks fields to their corresponding OnTime fields. If a match is not found, OnTime can create new entries for you automatically. You may choose to have OnTime prompt you before creating a new record when a match is not found. You may also choose to have OnTime alert you when an invoice has already been pushed to QuickBooks.

Optionally, prices on your invoices can be automatically updated when they are posted to QuickBooks. This will cause the invoice to show your current price modifiers and price sets. Tax price modifiers can be hidden or shown on invoices posted to QuickBooks, as you desire.

The Invoice line item date may be set to reflect either the submission date or the delivery date of the shipment. A new line item can also be set to be created on the invoice for each order and for the base price of the order. Then, a new line will be created for each price modifier, with individual prices listed.

OnTime can connect with QuickBooks Professional 2002 versions and higher.

OnTime helps to facilitate efficiency across your organization by communicating with third party programs, such as QuickBooks. Other programs can be communicated with via the internet using the OnTime API. To find out more about posting invoices to QuickBooks from OnTime, see the OnTime User Guide and the OnTime Knowledge Base.

In-Program Troubleshooting Tools and Support

OnTime courier software works with you to maintain and manage your delivery company simply and automatically. Because your attention needs to be focused on your business, not troubleshooting, OnTime also helps to maintain and manage its own functionality using simple and automated methods.

Troubleshooting tools and support resources are available directly from the OnTime Management Suite and Dispatch applications to immediately address any issues that you may encounter. If you experience issues with new OnTime features or synchronization, Data File Management is available from within OnTime Management Suite and OnTime Dispatch.

Delivery software tools and support

If your network is causing issues with OnTime’s performance, the built-in network diagnostic tool is available. The source of the issue can be found by running this test, and Vesigo technical support can help you resolve the connectivity issues. Any other support resources that you may need are also available from the programs. Our support center, website, tutorial videos, contact pages, and more can be found in the Help tab.

Courier software tools and support

If you ever encounter an issue with OnTime, we’ll help you to rectify that issue as quickly as possible. See the Tips and Troubleshooting section of the OnTime Knowledge Base or Chapter 9 of the OnTime User Guide for step-by-step guides to help you quickly troubleshoot issues. If you require personal assistance, contact OnTime technical support.

Unlimited technical support is available to all OnTime subscribers. Our online support resources are available to all OnTime subscribers and trial users.

Testing Customer Billing Cycle and Route Stop Schedules

Efficient and consistent timing is integral to your delivery business. Properly setup schedules in OnTime delivery software can help to ensure the most potential efficiency and productivity possible for your company. Be sure to test all of your schedules in OnTime before implementing them, to check that everything is working as expected.

Courier dispatch scheduling

Manual testing can be time consuming, which is why OnTime offers testing options for Customer Billing Cycle and Route Stop Schedules directly from the schedule setup screen of the OnTime Management Suite. This simple and straightforward method of testing can help you to ensure that your delivery business automatically runs how you intend.

OnTime schedule testing can be accessed from billing cycle and route stop schedule screens by pressing CTRL + ALT + T. You can enter specifics for your schedule test in the resulting window. Once your run your test, a list of dates will appear. These dates can then be compared against your intended results. If dates are not included and excluded as desired, you will need to adjust your schedule.

Delivery software test

This in-program testing method will allow you to verify your OnTime schedule accuracy in a few seconds, instead of the hours, days, and weeks that manual testing can take. For detailed instructions regarding Customer Billing Cycle Schedule testing, see this article in the OnTime Knowledge Base. For instructions regarding Route Stop Schedule testing, see this article. To find out more about setting up schedules, check Chapter 4 of the OnTime User Guide.

Managing and Maintaining Your Fleet of Vehicles

Your fleet of vehicles is a large contributor to your courier business’s success. As a part of managing your business, OnTime helps you to schedule and track the maintenance of your vehicles. Better manage your company, employees, and vehicles by setting up your preferences ahead of time, then allowing OnTime to help automate your day-to-day.

Vehicle Types

Categorize the vehicles in your fleet by inputting custom Vehicle Types. When assigning orders, drivers can be organized based on the Vehicle Type that they are using. That vehicle can then be compared against the shipment’s specifications to ensure that requirements are met and the shipment is completed.


Maintenance Items

Maintenance items can be created and associated with vehicles to schedule preventative care, such as oil changes and tune ups. These items are scheduled and tracked based on the associated vehicle’s mileage since the last maintenance, time based since the last maintenance, or whichever comes first. Once maintenance has been performed on a vehicle, record that in OnTime to update that vehicle’s schedule.

Setting up maintenance items and schedules will allow OnTime to automatically help you to manage and schedule care for your fleet.


Vehicle Management and OnTime Mobile

When your drivers clock in using OnTime Mobile, they can enter their Vehicle Type and odometer reading on the resulting screen. You will be able to keep track of both vehicle and driver activity with more accuracy, as individual OnTime Mobile user mileage can be tracked. Additionally, your dispatchers can reference the Vehicle Type that a driver is using to ensure that shipments are properly assigned.


Get Started

Information about setting up and using OnTime’s Vehicle Management options can be found in Chapter Four of the OnTime User Guide. To get started, download the latest version of OnTime Management Suite and sign in with your account, or start your trial.

OnTime Delivery Software Supports Windows 10

OnTime Delivery Software Supports Windows 10On July 29 Microsoft launched the general availability of Windows 10. During the months leading up to this date, the development team at Vesigo Studios worked closely with Microsoft engineers to ensure that every feature of OnTime 360 would work flawlessly on Windows 10 when it was made available to the public. This means that users of OnTime 360 can upgrade their PCs and tablets to Windows 10 today with the confidence that OnTime will continue to function in the way users expect.

Windows 10 makes the OnTime experience even better on tablets. This opens up the possibility of field personnel using the OnTime Management Suite and OnTime Dispatch apps while out of the office and in the field. Features such as remote dispatching and mobile thermal label printing empower those workers in the field. OnTime’s exclusive built in smart client technology enable those tablet workers to continue using the programs even when connection to the internet is unreliable. OnTime has been optimized to work smoothly even on budget tablets costing less than $100, such as the HP Stream 7 tablet.

Users of OnTime will continue to enjoy new features and compatibility with new technologies at no additional cost. OnTime has always been updated to take advantage of new technologies in hardware and software without charging for upgrades. We are excited to offer Windows 10 support to our customers of OnTime today along with the promise of additional great features in the months ahead.

Automated Price Management with Price Set Schedules in OnTime

OnTime price set schedules can help you manage complex price structures and speed up order entry. Customize the availability of your service levels, or price sets, with OnTime’s price set schedules.

If an order is placed during a time that is outside of your schedule’s defined times, the associated price set will not be visible or selectable from your Customer Web Portal or OnTime Dispatch order entry screens. Pricing specials that occur weekly or on specific dates, such as holiday discounts, can be easily defined and automatically implemented with price set schedules.

A due date offset can be optionally defined with price set schedules. This offset will determine the expected amount of time between order placement and order delivery. For example, the shipment will be delivered by 11 AM on the next business day. With this tool, you can input guaranteed delivery times for your dispatchers and customers to reference.


Organize your pricing structure automatically in OnTime with preferences and settings that you control. See Step 4: Configure Pricing in Chapter Two of the OnTime User Guide for detailed information about setting up your price set schedules.

The 14 Day OnTime Trial with Full Enterprise Plan Access

The 14 day OnTime courier software trial is available to anyone looking to evaluate OnTime in their environment. This trial version offers full online access to Enterprise subscription level features. Account sign up and set up have been streamlined to ensure that new accounts are usable immediately upon purchase.


Your Online Enterprise Trial Account

Your new trial is fully online and usable as an Enterprise account for 14 days. That means your trial account can access and use features including the OnTime Customer Web Portal, OnTime Mobile, the Report Designer, and QuickBooks integration.

Everything that is included in a subscribed Enterprise account is included in a new trial account, with the exception of support from the OnTime Client Services team. Support resources available to trial users include the OnTime Sales team, the OnTime User Guide, and the OnTime Knowledge Base. Throughout your trial period, we will email you useful and informative links to help guide you.

Note: If you are currently using the previously offered offline OnTime Trial, access will continue to be available for a limited time. We recommend that you sign up for this new trial for the best trial experience. The new trial is limited to 14 days of use; be sure to sign up when you are ready to test.

Begin Your Trial Immediately

To begin your trial, enter the required information: your name, contact information, and a chosen Company ID. Your new account will be automatically and immediately created on our servers. You can activate account subscription at any time during the trial period by clicking the purchasing link in the yellow bar at the top of your OnTime Management Suite or by following the activation link emailed to you.

If you are considering purchasing OnTime for your courier business, our new trial will provide you with the most thorough testing environment. See how OnTime can work with you and your employees to make your company better: sign up for the new online 14 day OnTime Trial today. If you are already an OnTime user, refer a new subscriber to gain an account credit.

Versatile Pricing with Price Modifier Groups

In courier businesses, prices often need to vary from shipment to shipment based on a variety of diverse factors. Seamlessly group your price modifiers in OnTime to automatically calculate your prices quickly and correctly, every time.

Grouping price modifiers allows you to make your pricing structure as complex as you need, while still providing a clean list of options for your customers. The highest, lowest, or summed value of a group of modifiers can be used to represent one charge in your prices. To create more advanced calculations, groups may be placed within groups.


A price modifier group can be made available as a single service level option in OnTime. Using your OnTime Customer Web Portal or the OnTime Dispatch application, your customers and dispatchers will be able to enter order information and select the appropriate service level. OnTime will use the order information entered with your price modifier groups to automatically calculate the accurate price.

To link the modifiers in your groups to a Price Set, only the group, not the individual price modifiers, must be linked. Additionally, when updating pricing based on one or a few factors, you only need to change the specific modifiers that contain those factors. All associated price modifier groups will be automatically updated accordingly by OnTime.

Create and maintain your versatile pricing structure using price modifier groups in OnTime. Learn how to create price modifier groups in our tutorial video, or find out more in the OnTime User Guide.

Dispatching from the Tracking View

As discussed in our last post, day-to-day organization within courier companies can be a challenge. To achieve the organization that your delivery business needs, dispatching must be seamlessly flexible and efficient. That efficiency and flexibility can be attained with the OnTime Tracking view’s customizations and functions.

Tracking view dispatching

By default, OnTime’s Tracking view displays all information pertaining to your orders. Because a lot of specific information needs to be accessed quickly when dispatching, customizations can be made to show what you need, when you need it. You can adjust which columns appear and group those columns from the Tracking view. Deeper customization can be achieved by using the Tracking view’s Quick Views and Advanced Search functions

An array of actions, including several dispatching actions, can be accessed and executed by right-clicking on any order in the Tracking view. Dispatching actions that are available from the Tracking view include driver assignments, route assignments, and order status changes. Other actions include CSV file exports, event triggers, report generation, and Tracking view adjustments. All of these actions are available in one view to optimize your day-to-day efficiency.

Tracking view courier dispatching

The Tracking view is available from both the OnTime Management Suite and OnTime Dispatch applications. Learn more about dispatching from the Tracking view in the OnTime User Guide, or signup for the OnTime trial version.

Tell us what you think of the Tracking view @OnTimeSoftware or at Facebook.com/OnTimeDeliverySystem.

Flexible Organization with OnTime’s Unassigned Queue

Between dispatchers, drivers, orders, customers, locations, vehicles, and reports keeping your courier company organized on a day-to-day basis can be a challenge. When new and varying orders are constant, predicting where drivers will be, when they will be there, and when order locations will match up with driver locations is virtually impossible. OnTime courier dispatch software and its Unassigned Queue can facilitate organized order assignments in difficult to prepare for situations.

Unassigned orders can be submitted into the Unassigned Queue and distributed to the right drivers at the right times. By using the Unassigned Queue, dispatchers can focus on order entry, not order assignments, when placing orders.

An Unassigned Orders list and a Driver List appear in the Dispatching section of the OnTime Dispatch program. In this section, order information can be compared against your driver locations and assignments. Dispatchers can use these lists to determine, make, and confirm order assignments individually or in bulk.

Unassigned queue in OnTime 360 courier software

Based on individual Employee Mobile settings, drivers can accept order assignments from the Unassigned Queue using the OnTime Mobile application. Allowing drivers to take part in the process of distributing unassigned orders ensures that order assignment considers all related factors.

Orders entered through your OnTime Customer Web Portal will be placed in the Unassigned Queue, as well. Once a customer inputs their order, a dispatcher or driver can make the appropriate order assignment. In some situations, a customer can place an order and your driver can complete that order without any dispatcher involvement.

The Workflow Designer in OnTime Management Suite can be used to set up notifications that will inform the appropriate people when an order is placed in the Unassigned Queue. With these notifications, dispatchers can be informed that they should make assignments for these orders and drivers can be prompted to accept the orders.

OnTime and its Unassigned Queue can help your employees make informed decisions on a day-to-day basis, satisfying your customers’ and your business’s versatile needs. Learn more about the Unassigned Queue in the OnTime User Guide, or contact us today.