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OnTime Video Demonstrations

Take a tour of OnTime by watching the following video demonstrations of our courier software system. Have additional questions about how OnTime can fit your business? Contact OnTime Sales and we will be happy to assist.

OnTime Demonstration

23 minutes

Introductory Course to OnTime

Quickly discover some of the useful features in OnTime. This video briefly demonstrates the set up of a typical business within an OnTime trial account.

Typical Order Lifecycle Across OnTime Carrier Software

8 minutes

Typical Order Lifecycle Across OnTime

Learn how a typical order is processed through OnTime. You'll see how seamlessly the different OnTime apps work together to ensure smooth transitions between all individuals involved in a shipment's lifecycle.

When we were doing 300 stops a day and I was using QuickBooks for billing I would spend about 50 to 60 hours a month on billing. Now we’re doing over 450 stops a day but thanks to OnTime (which integrates with Quickbooks) last month I did all the billing in about 20 hours. I cannot express how happy that makes me.

Zach Woody | Dash Delivery, Inc.