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Devices Supported by OnTime Mobile

Give your logistics business the competitive advantage with OnTime Mobile. Instead of purchasing specialized devices and training your staff to use them, you can capitalize on your investment in your existing equipment. OnTime Mobile is compatible with virtually any internet enabled mobile device, so you save money and workers already know how to use the equipment.

OnTime Mobile Courier Software

Apple iOS

OnTime app to use: OnTime Mobile available for free on the App Store
Requirements: Any iPhone or iPad running iOS or iPadOS version 9.3 or higher

Google Android

OnTime app to use: OnTime Mobile available for free on Google Play
Requirements: Any smartphone or tablet running Android version 5.0 or higher

General Smartphone and Tablet Support

OnTime Application to use: OnTime Mobile Web

OnTime Mobile Web supports all modern smartphones and tablets. Tested platforms include iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad), Android, Windows RT, Amazon Kindle, and more. The interface features a clean design with large buttons that make single handed operation possible. Many smartphones and tablets support OnTime's requirements for GPS and digital signature capture.

Classic Windows Mobile Support

OnTime Application to use: OnTime Mobile for Windows Mobile

Commercial grade mobile devices, such as the Motorola ES400, often support Windows Mobile. These devices tend to be rugged and hold up well under heavy use. They also may include additional features, such as bar code scanners, not found in consumer grade devices. OnTime can run online and offline, which is ideal for unpredictable cellular connections and mobile devices without internet.

  • Windows Mobile 2003, 5, and 6 are supported
  • Windows Mobile Professional is required for digital signature capture and is recommended for the best experience
  • Windows Mobile Standard and Classic are supported
  • If you intend on using GPS with OnTime Mobile, ensure that the device you are considering supports GPS

BlackBerry Support

OnTime Application to use: OnTime Mobile for BlackBerry

Devices running BlackBerry OS 5 or higher are compatible with the OnTime Mobile for BlackBerry application. This application adds useful features to your OnTime experience, such as tracking GPS position while the OnTime Mobile program is running in the background. You can download OnTime Mobile for BlackBerry from our web site, free of charge.

WAP Support

OnTime Application to use: OnTime Mobile WAP Edition

Virtually every cell phone on the market today supports WAP, allowing internet access from the phone. OnTime Mobile supports the 10 major variations of WAP employed in cell phones today, including those used in Asia and Europe. You can count on OnTime Mobile to work with any WAP enabled device.

Pagers and Text Messaging Support

OnTime Feature to use: OnTime Workflow Designer

Pagers have limited capabilities, but OnTime can still push out notifications and messages to them. OnTime Mobile supports SMS text messaging; that same feature can be used to send messages to pagers.

With two-way pagers, we recommend that dispatchers have confirmation notifications sent to an accessible email address to check that the pagers receive messages from OnTime.


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It really is an impressive program.

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