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OnTime Mobile WAP Edition

Support for Virtually Any Internet Enabled Phone

The OnTime Mobile WAP Edition will keep your drivers connected with your OnTime account, using ANY device that has unrestricted internet access.

All OnTime subscription levels include the WAP edition. Once you've signed up for an account, WAP access is available at any time. Note that your drivers may be charged small internet access fees by their cell phone providers.

OnTime courier software allows you to use thousands of internet-enabled mobile devices. For over twenty years, WAP has been a supported standard for mobile device makers where the device or hardware has limited capabilities. There are more than 350 companies that officially support WAP in their mobile devices.

Organize a driver's assignments into different lists: assignments and unassigned orders. Assignments and route stops contain orders directly assigned to the courier. The unassigned orders queue displays orders that have yet to be assigned to a driver, allowing for self-dispatching.

Using powerful wage calculation tools in OnTime, generate reports that calculate the actual wage a dispatcher or driver will receive for any given period. This feature simplifies payroll and will adapt to many pay period schedules, such as once a week, once a month, or every other Friday.

Access to shipment and customer data in real-time empowers your business to run flexibly and on demand. This automation reduces the need for voice communication. Because most OnTime Mobile operations include two-way confirmation, your team can be sure that members are where they need to be.

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You have been extremely responsive to our questions and needs and I find that very refreshing in the web support world and a major reason to recommend OnTime.

Diane Hollar | Cape Fear Courier Services, Inc.