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OnTime Mobile in Any Web Browser

The essential information and functions available from OnTime Mobile can be accessed from any modern web browser using OnTime Mobile Web.

Driver-related tasks can be performed on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone using a browser (Internet Explorer; Chrome; Safari; Firefox). The browser will then consistently access OnTime Mobile's features.

The OnTime experience on Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad) has been enhanced with viewport calibration and home page icon support.

OnTime Mobile works with thousands of mobile devices across the market. Virtually any internet-enabled mobile device can be used to give drivers access to real-time work assignment information. This is especially useful for messengers using a non-smartphone device.

Proof of delivery (POD) can be captured in a number of ways. OnTime can automatically generate it based on the information in the order. If the driver is connected to the internet on his device, the POD information will be sent instantly. Delivery notifications will often be sent out before the driver gets back into their vehicle; that's real-time communication across OnTime.

OnTime Mobile supports tracking with many GPS-enabled devices. When enabled, OnTime's GPS connectivity will transmit a driver's location to dispatch throughout the day.

Using powerful wage calculation tools, OnTime can calculate the actual wage that a dispatcher or driver should receive for any given period. This functionality simplifies payroll and will adapt to any pay period schedule: once a week, once a month, every other Friday. OnTime will provide the exact calculations you need based on virtually any combination.

Access to shipment and customer data in real-time empowers your business to run with flexibility. This automation reduces the need for voice calls. Because most OnTime Mobile operations include two-way data exchange, your team can be sure that members are where they need to be.

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It is a great system and they are always doing things to make improvements to it. Honestly, it's worth way more than $200 a month.

George Shea | First State Couriers