Quickly Find and Verify a Location's Address

Use the search box in any Location window to quickly auto-fill address details of a new or existing location. Using this feature is a good way to ensure that the address is properly formatted and recognized as a valid address that OnTime can locate on a map.
Follow these steps to use the search box:
  1. Near the top right corner of the Location window, you will notice a highlighted box with text that reads, "Type here to find an address..."
  2. Click inside the box and type the address' house or building number, followed by the street name, then the city, state, and postal code. After entering these address details, click the search icon that appears at the end of the search box. If the address information you are entering is accurate, then a properly formatted and complete address will often populate the address fields before the entire address has been completely typed out into the search box.
  3. Note that if you use this feature to help with creating new locations, then you still need to manually enter other relevant location details such as the location's name, phone number, email address, etc.