How to Set Up a Driver's Commission Rate

OnTime makes it possible to set up driver commission rates that are calculated as a percentage of the total cost of each order assigned to the driver. Follow these steps to configure a driver's commission rate:
  1. Go to the Users list in OnTime Management Suite.
  2. Open the driver's user record and select the Employment tab.
  3. Look for the Driver Commission Rate (%) and enter the full numerical value of the driver's commission percentage. For example, if a driver's commission is 50% then enter "50.00".
  • OnTime automatically convert the commission percentage, so there is no need to shift the decimal place. For example, if the commission rate is 10% then do not enter "0.10". Simply enter "10.00".
  • A driver's commission rate is the top-level setting in the hierarchy of the OnTime commission structure.
  • A driver who does not receive a commission should have their commission rate set to the default value of "0.00".
  • If specific commission rates are being controlled through the Percent eligible for commission settings in Price Sets and Price Modifiers, then a driver's commission rate should be set to "100.00" for the driver to be fully compensated.