How to Automatically Schedule Route Stops at a Set Time

Follow these steps to set the time for the route scheduler to process and enter orders for scheduled route stops:
  1. Click the General Options button in OnTime Management Suite.
  2. Go to the Routes options.
  3. Make sure that the box labeled Enable automated Route Stop Scheduler is checked.
  4. Next, set the route scheduling time in the box to the right of Automatically schedule routes for the day at.
Note: You cannot create different scheduling times for the various days of the week. The Route Stop Scheduler can only have one persistent daily scheduling time.
Tip: We recommend that the route scheduler should not be set to a time earlier than 2:00 AM in order to avoid possible conflicts with Daylight Saving Time transitions.
Note: Orders submitted by the OnTime Route Stop Scheduler will trigger Workflow Notifications such as the “Driver Assignment Notification” or other custom notifications you may have created. Setting the Route Scheduler too early could cause OnTime users or even customers to receive SMS text messages at unwelcome times. Many OnTime users have found that setting the Route Scheduler to run between 5:00 AM and 7:00 AM is a reasonable and convenient window of time.