Importing a Workflow Notification from a Backup (.OTWA) File

Follow these steps to import a backup (.OTWA) file for an OnTime Workflow Notification:
  1. Click the Workflow Designer button located in the Home tab ribbon of OnTime Management Suite
  2. Right-click anywhere within the list of the current workflow notifications and select Import
  3. A Windows “Open” dialog box will open up and prompt you to select the folder where the backup (.OTWA) file is stored
  4. Navigate to the folder where the (.OTWA) file is located, select it, and click Open
  5. The (.OTWA) file will appear in the list of notifications in the OnTime Workflow Designer
  6. Be sure to check that the Scope is set to Everyone (which automatically applies the notification to all orders from all customers) or if the Scope is only meant for Selected Customers, then go to those customers' records in the Customers list and add the newly imported notification to the Customer > Notifications options

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