How to Create a Price Modifier Based on Distance

OnTime makes it easy to calculate a charge based on distance, whether miles or kilometers. To create a price modifier based on distance, follow these steps:
  1. Open OnTime Management Suite.
  2. Select Prices from the left.
  3. Ensure the current view is set to Price Modifiers.
  4. Click the button labeled New Price Modifier.
  5. Enter the Name for the distance-based price modifier.
  6. Change the Type to Distance Base Type.
  7. Set the Action to Incremental Overage Amount.
  8. Specify the Increment at which to apply the value. For example, enter 1 to charge for every one mile or kilometer.
  9. Set the Watch Value to Distance.
  10. Enter the amount to charge per increment of distance into the Value field.
For example: To charge $1.50 for each mile or kilometer, enter a 1 into the Increment field, and 1.50 into the Value field.