How to Print Reports in Bulk from the Tracking View

Follow these steps to print reports in bulk from the Tracking view:
  1. Open OnTime Management Suite or OnTime Dispatch.
  2. Select the Tracking tab on the left.
  3. Select the entries pertaining to the reports that you wish to print. Select multiple entries by holding down the Shift-key and clicking. Add individual entries to your selection by clicking and holding Ctrl on the desired entries.
  4. Once you have selected the appropriate entries, right-click on a selected entry and move your cursor over Reports in the resulting menu.
  5. Print to… options will appear for Shipping Labels, Waybills, Work Sheets and Bills of Lading. Click on the report type that you wish to print.
  6. Select your printer in the resulting screen and choose Print.
  7. The report type that you selected in step five will print for each of the entries that you selected in step three.