How to Use a Zone Lookup Table Within a Price Modifier

Some pricing methods require factoring in values based on zone. This can often be accomplished by using zone lookup tables within a price modifier. A price modifier can multiply itself by an amount returned by a zone-to-zone lookup within a zone lookup table. If zone lookup tables have been created in the OnTime account, use the following steps to multiply a price modifier against them:
  1. Open Prices view of OnTime Management Suite.
  2. Ensure that the Current View is set to Price Modifiers.
  3. Begin creating a new price modifier, or open an existing one. Select Zone Based Lookup Table in the Multiply by field.
  4. Select the desired zone lookup table in the Zone lookup table field that appears.
  5. Set the Zone lookup default value field to an amount to be used if a match is not found in the zone lookup table. Delete the value in this field, setting it to None, to prevent multiplication from occurring if a match is not found.