How to Charge for Distance with a Minimum Charge

Some companies want to charge a minimum fee for their orders, but switch to distance-based pricing if that pricing becomes more then the minimum amount. This is accomplished using two price modifiers: one for the minimum amount and one for the distance calculation.
To set up distance-based pricing with a minimum charge, follow these steps:
  1. Open OnTime Management Suite.
  2. Select the Prices view.
  3. Ensure that the Price Modifiers view is chosen.
  4. Create the minimum charge:
    1. Select New Price Modifier from the top left.
    2. Name the price modifier.
    3. Set the Action to Flat Amount.
    4. Enter the minimum amount to charge into the Value field.
    5. Save the price modifier.
  5. Create the distance-based charge:
    1. Choose to create another New Price Modifier.
    2. Enter the Name for the price modifier.
    3. Set the Action to Incremental Overage Amount.
    4. Select the Increment at which you wish to apply the value. For example, enter a 1 to charge for every 1 mile or kilometer.
    5. Set the Watch Value to Distance.
    6. Enter the amount to charge per unit, or increment, of distance price into the Value field.
    7. Save the price modifier.
  6. Right-click on an existing price modifier and choose New Price Modifier Group.
  7. Name the new price group.
  8. Change the Type to Distance Base Price.
  9. Set the Behavior to Use the highest priced modifier.
  10. Locate and drag your minimum charge and your per distance rate price modifiers from the Available Modifiers list to the Group List.
  11. Save the group.