How to Add Signatures to an Invoice Template

Some customers require that the collection or delivery signature appear on the invoice they receive. OnTime allows administrators to modify the existing invoice template to add the collection and delivery signatures.
To add a signature to an invoice template, follow these steps:
  1. Open OnTime Management Suite.
  2. Select the Billing section.
  3. Choose the Invoices view.
  4. Preview an existing invoice.
  5. Select Modify from the top toolbar.
  6. When the Report Designer opens, locate the Field List window on the right side. If the Field List window is not visible, click the View tab in the ribbon across the top, click the Windows button, and click Field List.
  7. From the Field List window, under the Data > Order node, locate the desired signature, either Collection Signature or Delivery Signature.
  8. Drag and drop either Collection Signature or Delivery Signature onto the report's detail section.