Naming a Price Set and Service Level

Determining appropriate names for your Price Sets and Service Levels is a very important first step in the overall process of building your pricing in OnTime. In this context, naming is essential to organizing, managing, and presenting a professional appearance to your pricing. Ideally, taking a little time to plan out your names and a convention for naming will help you to outline how the pricing should be built and speed up the process altogether.
Both the Price Set name and Service Level name refer to the same thing. The only difference in these labels is where they will appear, and who will see them.
  • Price Set name – This is the price set’s internal name as it is meant to be seen within the OnTime desktop applications and by only those users with access to those applications. The name of a price set does not appear to your customers in any of the notifications, reports, or OnTime Customer Web Portal resources that they have access to see. This allows you to internally apply price set names to aid in organization and management, yet do so without sharing those names which may contain information that your customers do not need to know. (e.g. Price Set name, “Standard – For New Customers Only” or “2hr Express – For the Biggest Clients ONLY”)
  • Service Level name – This is the price set’s external or public name as it is meant to appear to your customers. In other words, the name of the service level is just a different label to refer the price set as you would like it to be known to your customers. The name of the service level will appear in public-facing areas such as workflow notifications, waybills, and invoices. It will appear throughout the OnTime Customer Web Portal and in particular, you should be conscious of how it will appear for selection in the order entry form’s Service Level drop-down list. You will want to name it so that your customers will be able to easily understand its purpose and what makes it different from others that may be available to them. The name of the service level is also the name as it appears in OnTime Dispatch's Order Entry > Service Level drop-down list so dispatchers need to be familiar with its name and recognize when and how to apply the appropriate service levels to orders as well.