How to Set Up SQL Server Replication

OnTime Management Suite is capable of replicating a copy of an account's data to a SQL Server database. This can be useful for integration with other software systems, building custom reports, or as a backup for account data. This replication feature is a one-way copy, meaning that data is copied from OnTime to the SQL Server database but not the other way around.
To use OnTime's SQL Server replication feature, you must already have an instance of SQL Server set up either locally or remotely. If you do not already have it installed, a free version of Microsoft SQL Server is available and can be installed on both PCs and servers. 
Follow these steps to set up SQL Server replication:
  1. Open OnTime Management Suite.
  2. From the Data tab, click the button labeled Configure Replication.
  3. In the window that appears, fill out all fields to match the configuration of your instance of SQL Server.
  4. Once all fields are filled out, click the button labeled Verify Configuration. This will run a number of tests to ensure that OnTime is properly connected to the SQL Server database.
  5. Check the box labeled Automatically push data after each synchronization. Otherwise, the button under the Data tab labeled Push Data to SQL Server will need to be pressed manually each time you want to update the SQL Server database.
  6. Click OK to save these settings.