How to Add Total Cost to the Waybill or Bill of Lading

Follow these steps to add the total cost of an order to the waybill or bill of lading reports:
  1. Open OnTime Management Suite.
  2. Go to the Tracking view.
  3. Select and right-click on an order.
  4. From the menu choose Reports > Waybill: Preview (or Bill of Lading: Preview).
  5. A preview of the waybill (or bill of lading) will appear. In the toolbar across the top of this window, click on the button labeled Modify. The report designer will then appear in a separate window.
  6. The Field List should appear on the right side of the report designer window. This lists all fields that can be displayed on the report.
  7. Locate the Order node near the top of the field list and expand it. Find the field labeled Total Cost.
  8. Click and drag the Total Cost field to the report detail section, positioning the label where you would like it to appear.
  9. By default, this field is not formatted as currency. To format as a currency value, select the Total Cost label on the report and click the smart tag arrow located just above its top right corner as shown here:
  10. In the menu that appears, click the ellipsis (...) button for the Format String field.
  11. Select Currency from the Category list in the window that appears.
  12. Select the desired formatting from the Standard Types list. For example, choose the $0.00 option to format the total cost as a dollar value.
  13. Click OK to save these changes.
  14. Close the report designer window. Choose Yes when asked to save the changes made to the report template.
  15. Now, every time the report is generated, the modifications you made above will be used.