Diagnose Notification Issues in OnTime Mobile

This article applies to the OnTime Mobile apps for iOS and Android.
If a device does not receive push notifications from OnTime, there may have been a problem registering the device with the appropriate push notification service. Use the following tips to resolve this issue.

Repair the Registration

It may be possible to repair the device's registration for push notifications. Follow these steps to determine if such a repair is possible:
  1. Open and sign in to the OnTime Mobile app.
  2. Tap the menu button () in the upper left corner.
  3. Select Options.
  4. Below the option to Rebuild Data File, look for one of the following messages:
    • An error occurred when registering for push notifications: 2: SERVICE_VERSION_UPDATE_REQUIRED
      If this message appears, tap the button to the right labeled Resolve. This will open the appropriate location in the operating system to fix the issue (ie. permissions, network settings, update installation). Once steps have been taken to resolve the issue, sign out of the app and then sign back in.
    • An error occurred when registering for push notifications: 9: SERVICE_INVALID
      If this message appears, the underlying issue cannot be resolved automatically by the app. Try the following tips to Check Permissions or Reinstall the App. 

Check Permissions

For iOS:
  1. Open Settings and navigate to OnTime MobileNotifications.
  2. Ensure that the settings allow OnTime Mobile to receive notifications.
For Android:
  1. Open Settings and navigate to OnTime Mobile > Notifications.
  2. Ensure that the settings allow OnTime Mobile to receive notifications.

Reinstall the App

Reinstalling the app may help reset settings and permissions that are otherwise blocking the device from receiving push notifications. Follow these steps to reinstall OnTime Mobile on the device:
  1. Uninstall or remove the app from the device.
  2. Depending on the device, go to either the App Store or Google Play and install the OnTime Mobile app again.
  3. When opening the OnTime Mobile app after install, pay attention to ensure that permissions are granted to allow notifications.