How to Find the SMS Gateway for a User

OnTime can use email to SMS gateways to relay text messages to a driver’s cellular-connected mobile device. In some cases, this can help to save money by avoiding fees associated with sending SMS messages.
An SMS gateway is a service provided by cellular carriers. This service makes it possible to send a text message as an email to a mobile device. The format of the email address is dictated by the cellular carrier but is typically comprised of the mobile device's phone number, followed by the domain of the mobile service provider. For example, the SMS gateway domain for AT&T is, making the driver’s full SMS gateway address look something like this:
You can find a comprehensive list of carriers and their SMS gateway addresses at these sites:
An SMS gateway can be assigned to each driver within their user profile. For example, the following image shows a user with the phone number "541-555-1234" on the AT&T network:
If you have trouble locating the correct address, contact the driver's mobile service provider for assistance.