How to Add the Customer Web Portal to Your Website

The OnTime Customer Web Portal is a self-contained website that is fully integrated with an OnTime account. This means it's immediately ready for use and does not require components to be installed within your website. While the Customer Web Portal may be used directly by sharing its website address, or URL, with customers, many prefer to make it part of their organization's public website. Two popular ways of doing this are using a simple link and embedding within an inline frame.

How to Find the URL for Your Customer Web Portal

The Customer Web Portal is available with Enterprise and higher subscription plans. The URL can be found within OnTime Management Suite under General Options > Customer Web Portal.

Use a Simple Link

A simple link can allow visitors to click on a button, image, or text and be transferred from your website to your Customer Web Portal. To create a link, add an <a> HTML tag to any button, image, or text element within your webpage. Specify the Customer Web Portal's URL within the hef attribute.
The following example would create a text link:
<a href="">Click here to log in to your account with us</a>
For additional information see: HTML <a> tag

Embed Within an Inline Frame, or iFrame

Unlike a simple link, an inline frame, or iFrame, allows visitors to stay on your website when accessing the Customer Web Portal. An inline frame is used to embed one webpage within another. This has the added benefit of the web browser remaining on your website's domain name. To create an inline frame, use the <iframe> HTML tag within your webpage. Specify the Customer Web Portal's URL within the src attribute.
The following example would create an inline frame within a webpage:
<iframe src=""></iframe>
For additional information see: HTML <iframe> tag
Note: Using an iFrame may prevent some users of the Safari web browser from logging in, specifically users of iPhone 5s and iPhone 6. For such users, we recommend giving them a direct link to the Customer Web Portal.

Additional Customization

Options are available to customize the URL for a Customer Web Portal. See Custom Domain or Hostnames for further information.