How to Apply Custom Grouping and Sorting Within Reports

Many reports display a list of repeating information, such as an invoice displaying a list of orders. This list of repeating information is often presented within a Detail Band on the report. Both grouping and sorting can be modified to accommodate your needs.
To apply custom grouping or sorting to a report's Detail Band, use the following steps:
  1. Open the desired report within the Report Designer. This can be done by previewing the report and clicking the Modify button in the toolbar at the top.
  2. Ensure that the Group and Sort window is displayed across the bottom of the Report Designer window by clicking the View tab at the top, then click the Windows button, and finally click the Group and Sort menu item.
  3. Any existing grouping or sorting will be displayed within the Group and Sort list.
    • Modify the existing item(s) if desired.
    • To add a new group, click Add a Group and select the field you wish to group by.
    • To add a new sort, click Add a Sort and select the field you wish to sort by.
  4. Save the modified report template and close the report designer.