How to Resolve the Error: This name is already in use in the [list name] List

This error appears when OnTime tries to create a record in QuickBooks with a name that already exists in your QuickBooks company file as a VENDOR, EMPLOYEE, or Other Name. For example, if a vendor exists within QuickBooks named "Arnold Oil" there cannot be a customer, an employee, or another vendor with the name "Arnold Oil".
To resolve the error, follow these steps:
  1. Double-check to see if a record already exists in QuickBooks as a Vendor, a Customer, or an Employee, with the same name.
  2. Check for any previously deleted or archived records with the same name. QuickBooks does not allow previously deleted names to be used again unless they are completely removed.
  3. If you find a duplicate record name, change the record being created by adding a letter or number to prevent the collision in the future.