OnTime API: Tracking Order Status

The following endpoint is used to acquire the current status for an order:
REST API:    GET  /api/orders/{id}
If successful, the entire order will be returned in the response as JSON.
The current status for any order can be found in the order’s StatusLevel field, and inside the order’s Status object, within the Level property. These two fields are synonymous and do not differ in value:
    "Status": {
        "ID": "ce48ca29-367b-41d0-8f27-abaffb52f3eb",
        "Name": null,
        "Description": "",
        "Timestamp": "2019-10-01T19:45:52",
        "Level": 3
    "StatusLevel": 3,
The values that are found within these fields are defined below:
0 = Entered
1 = Submitted
2 = In Transit
3 = Completed
4 = Canceled
5 = Canceled (Billable)
6 = Assigned
7 = Assigned (In Transit)
8 = Unassigned
9 = Quoted
To acquire the status history of an order, use the following endpoint, along with the ID of the order:
REST API:    GET  /api/orderStatusChanges/{orderID}
If successful, an array of statuses will be returned in the response. This array represents the given order’s status history in ascending chronological order.