Install the OnTime Extension for FreshBooks

Follow these steps to add the FreshBooks Extension to OnTime Management Suite:
  1. Open the Tools tab in OnTime Management Suite.
  2. Click the button labeled Find Extensions.
  3. Click the link labeled FreshBooks Extension. On the following page click the link labeled Download FreshBooks Extension. This will prompt a download of a file named FreshBooks.otex.
  4. Return to the Tools tab in OnTime Management Suite.
  5. Click the button labeled Install Extension. When prompted, select and open the file download in the preceding steps.
  6. You will be asked to confirm the installation of the extension. Click Install Extension to continue.
  7. Once the installation is complete, you can select and post invoices and payments to FreshBooks from within the Billing view of OnTime Management Suite.
  8. The first time the extension is used to post to FreshBooks, you will be prompted to sign in to a FreshBooks account. Once login is complete, you'll be able to transfer information from OnTime to FreshBooks.
Note: Each country has different tax codes and accounting practices, not all of which are supported by both OnTime and FreshBooks.