How to Find and Consolidate Duplicate Locations

Unnecessary duplicates of location records may appear in your OnTime account. Typically, when a customer or dispatcher submits a new order into the system and creates a new location that already exists in your account, a duplicate location record is created. The Find and Consolidate Duplicates feature is used to quickly search your account for records containing duplicate information.

Steps to find duplicate locations

  1. Open OnTime Management Suite.
  2. Navigate to the Locations view.
  3. Right-click anywhere in your Locations list and select Find and Consolidate Duplicates.
  4. In the window that appears, choose the Location fields that should be compared to locate duplicate entries.
  5. Click the Add another criteria link to refine your duplicate search further by comparing additional fields.
  6. Click the Find Duplicates button.
  7. Any records containing matching fields will be listed in groups.

Consolidate duplicate locations

Consolidate duplicate records by merging them into one. Differences between the records are highlighted in orange.
Within each group, click Use this record on the row you want to use. This will cause all other records in the group to be consolidated into the record you chose. The duplicate records will then be safely removed.
Automate the process by selecting a suitable method from the list labeled Automatically choose the best record and then click the button labeled Resolve All Groups. The automated process will pause on a group if we need additional input from you.

Cleanup removed duplicates

Once duplicates have been consolidated, all records in the group, except for the one chosen, will be removed but not permanently deleted. Clear those unused records and free up space by clicking the link labeled Purge deleted items.