Adjust Column Width and Unhide Missing Columns in the Tracking List

If you are experiencing problems viewing certain columns in the Tracking view, try the following troubleshooting steps:
  • If you are unable to see a specific column that was previously visible in the Tracking view, then you should verify that the column is still selected to be displayed in the current tracking view. To verify this, simply click the Customize Columns button in the ribbon under the Tracking tab and make sure that there is a checkmark in the checkbox next to the name of the column you are looking for. If the checkbox is empty, then click inside of it to make the selection and include it in the current tracking view.
  • If you’ve already verified that the column is part of the current tracking view and it’s still not visible, then the column could be collapsed or hidden. This can happen if a user has resized the width of the column down to point of collapsing it or it has become hidden underneath another column. You can quickly rectify this problem by right-clicking on any column header within the tracking view to open the context menu and then choose Best Fit (all columns). Using this function will ensure that all of the selected columns in the current tracking view are visible and properly adjusted to the correct width.