How to Include POD Signatures in an Email Notification

Proof of delivery signatures can be included in delivery emails that customers receive by including a special tracking link with notifications. When clicked, the link will load a web page that shows the delivery details, including signature images.
To include the appropriate tracking link with a notification, follow these steps:
  1. From within OnTime Management Suite, click on the button labeled Workflow Notification Designer, located under the Home tab in the toolbar across the top.
  2. Open the desired email notification.
  3. After clicking the position within the body of the message where you would like the link to appear, click the button labeled Insert Special Field.
  4. From the Order context, locate the field labeled Detail Link.
  5. Click OK to insert the special field into the message. This special field will be converted into a unique link when the message is sent. This link will automatically display details of the order related to the message.
  6. Press OK to save changes to the notification.