How to Place an Order on Hold

In some cases, you may find that placing an order "on hold" is a convenient way to pause order entry and come back to it later. An order that is placed on hold can be later retrieved by anyone with access to OnTime Dispatch. This feature is ideal for situations where the customer is not yet ready to submit an order and will contact you later with authorization to proceed.
Follow these steps to place an order on hold:
  1. Open OnTime Dispatch.
  2. Click Order Entry.
  3. Click New Order.
  4. Fill out the new order details.
  5. Under the Orders tab, click Place on Hold.
  6. If you would like other users of OnTime Dispatch to access this order, be sure to check the box labeled Allow access to other dispatchers. Otherwise, the on-hold order will only be retrievable on the current PC.
  7. Click OK.