Error Message "Source file not found" or "Error reading from file" During Installation

When installing an OnTime desktop application, the following message may appear:
Error. Source file not found. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it.
The error message may also read: Error reading from file. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it.
This is a generic error and may have several causes and solutions. The following may be useful in resolving the issue:

Restart the PC

If files are currently in use or locked, this can prevent the installation from completing. If other software installations or updates are still waiting for the computer to restart, this may also block OnTime from installing. Restarting the computer may help eliminate these potential blocks.

Try Downloading Again

It may be that the downloaded setup file was corrupted. Try downloading the setup file directly from the OnTime website again. Try using a different web browser, without download accelerators or other tools that manipulate downloaded files.

Temporarily Disable Antivirus and/or Security Software

In some cases, antivirus software may have quarantined the installation files used by the setup program. Try the following:
  1. Temporarily disable any antivirus or security programs running on the PC.
  2. Download the OnTime installer file again.
  3. Run the installer.
  4. Once the program is installed, be sure to reenable antivirus or security programs running on the PC.

Run the Setup File Locally

If you are executing the setup file from a network location, the above issue may occur. Try copying the setup file to a local drive on the PC and executing it from there.

Install as Administrator

Ensure that you have permissions to install the program as an Administrator. The OnTime desktop apps do not require administrative permissions themselves to run, but administrative permissions are required for installation and updates.

Manually Remove the Temporary Installer Folder

When running the OnTime installer, files and folders are temporarily placed into a folder on the PC. This is normally under the ProgramData folder. This folder is hidden by default, so be sure to enable Show Hidden items within File Explorer to browse this folder. Within the ProgramData folder, locate the folder referenced in the error message. The folder name will begin and end with curly braces ( { } ). Delete this folder. Once the folder is deleted, try installing OnTime again.

Run Setup with Logging

Starting the setup file with logging support turned on can help pinpoint the exact reason for the error. A logged setup can be executed by using the following syntax:
<setup.exe> /l=<path to logfile>
For example:
OTMSSetup.exe /l=C:\Log.txt