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OnTime Downloads

The following courier software downloads require an OnTime account. If you do not have an OnTime account, purchase an account or sign up for a trial.

Apps for Office Workers

OnTime Management Suite

OnTime Management Suite

Designed for:
Owners / Administrators / Managers

OnTime Management Suite is the desktop app for setting up and managing an OnTime account. Manage users, customers, pricing, routes, schedules, and much more.

OnTime Dispatch

OnTime Dispatch

Designed for:
Dispatchers / Customer Service Reps

OnTime Dispatch is the desktop app used by your frontline workers to create, dispatch, track, and manage shipments.

Using OnTime With a Mac

TMS for Mac

OnTime performs great on macOS using virtualization tools such as Parallels or VMware Fusion. Watch our video demonstration of OnTime running on a Mac using Parallels.

Additional software fees for the virtualization software and operating system may apply.


Apps for Mobile Workforce

OnTime Mobile

OnTime Mobile

Designed for:
Messengers / Couriers / Drivers

OnTime Mobile is the app used by drivers to manage their assignments in the field. Works with a variety of mobile devices including Android and iOS.

Click here for more information on how to install OnTime Mobile on Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry.


Preview Releases

Interested in trying the latest features? Download the latest version of our pre-release software under preview release.

Archived Releases

Older versions of OnTime are available for a limited time as archived releases.

It really is an impressive program.

Zach Woody | Dash Delivery, Inc.