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OnTime API and Software Development Kit

API Connections Made Easy

The OnTime API (Application Programming Interface) makes it possible to connect a live OnTime account with other software systems across the internet in a simple and straightforward way. The API can be used to create, update, and track orders in real-time. This is an extensive online API, providing access to 500+ properties and 90+ functions.

The OnTime API is made available as a set of both REST and SOAP based Web Services all built on open standards. Our comprehensive documentation includes examples, descriptions, explanations, and other details to help software developers integrate their solution quickly and easily.

Access to the OnTime API is available in Grow and higher subscription plans.

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Build High Performance Custom Extensions

Extend the powerful OnTime desktop applications with custom extensions. The OnTime Extension SDK is designed enable rapid development of high performance extensions that run within OnTime Management Suite and OnTime Dispatch. Using Visual Studio and .NET, the extensions can be created quickly using the development tools and programming language you are already comfortable with. This extensive SDK provides access to 500+ properties and 90+ functions.

Get the Developer Resources

My company started using OnTime over three years ago. Being in the business it is hard to find programs that cater to all needs from dispatching to billing. OnTime is the best program we could find to fill our niche , allow us to operate our systems with full optics and allow custom made "hook-ups" to our other software that we are allowed to run in conjunction.

Doug Creighton | Alero Worldwide