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OnTime Dispatch

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OnTime Dispatch is a powerful, user friendly tool that brings critical data together in meaningful ways for delivery dispatchers.

OnTime Dispatch will help to eliminate billing mistakes by storing each customer's contracted rates in an individual customer profile. Dispatchers and delivery couriers will maintain constant communications via real-time text messaging.

This intuitive, real-time delivery software program connects to your OnTime account to help your dispatchers easily access information and efficiently place orders.

OnTime dispatch was carefully designed to be easy to learn and use. The application uses a very visual interface, making it easier for new users to explore and use the software to its full potential. Additional power user features are always a click away for those who need access to more advanced features. The interface helps to reduce the learning curve for dispatchers dramatically.

The time clock feature makes it possible to see which drivers are currently clocked in, where they are located, what assignments they have queued up, and when they last interacted with the system. Real-time updates allow dispatchers to make more informed driver assignments. This feature helps to even out workloads and allows the company to run more efficiently.

Every shipper has unique requirements, including collection/delivery points, ratings, notifications, and accessorial charges. With OnTime transportation management software, administrative users may set up a shipper with their specific needs. Afterward, when a dispatcher starts to type in the shipper's name, autocomplete will suggest the matching shipper, the shipper's profile will load, and all unique requirements will be set. Dispatchers will be better informed and able to offer a higher level of service to customers.

Dispatchers and customer service reps will have fast access to the details of any order, ensuring speed and accuracy when making adjustments. For example, if a customer calls to request a service change, how long does it currently take to calculate the price difference, notify the drivers, and send out notification updates? With OnTime tracking and tracing, this process is completed automatically after a few mouse clicks.

Designed for: Dispatchers / Customer Service RepsRuns on: Windows PC

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OnTime 360 has allowed us growth that would have been otherwise impossible. The ability to pay based on volume, use any cell provider and not have to host locally allowed us to get a powerful software package that would have been otherwise cost prohibitive for a small company. Over the years since we've been able to grow many times over, surpassing all other companies in our market who had been in place much longer. OnTime 360 was one of our key advantages that led to our success and one of the best business decisions I've made to date.

Zach Woody | Dash Delivery, Inc.