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OnTime Management Suite

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OnTime Management Suite is a flexibile program that assists with every aspect of delivery business management.

From employee compensation to pricing calculations to customer billing, OnTime offers incomparable diversity and power. Our customizable system can be automated to work with your company to improve day-to-day productivity and communications.

OnTime delivery software can automate the transfer of bulk information from Microsoft Excel or CSV files. This feature makes quick work of transferring records relating to customers, locations, shipments, zones, and more.

Route stop scheduling makes it possible to configure routine stops and set them to a schedule, saving time and streamlining routine order entry.

OnTime's pricing engine is simple to use but by no means simplistic. OnTime's proprietary rating system is extremely flexible and powerful, always leaving you in complete control of the prices you charge. Price sets offer a virtually unlimited number of pricing configurations, allowing you to set up pricing precisely the way you want. Each customer can have their own contracted rates. Dispatchers and customer service representatives no longer need to calculate rates for a given customer; OnTime will calculate it automatically. Price modifiers can further expand pricing calculation as the fast and organized way to configure all of your accessorial charges. Tell OnTime how you want to charge for a particular option, and the software will automatically calculate the right amounts for your dispatcher. No other system offers such power and flexibility in proactive pricing.

OnTime can save valuable time with invoices that are generated automatically. Data already entered into the system is used to create the invoices. You have control over manually generating invoices or using the billing cycle to gather the right shipment information for the right customer at the right time. Invoices can be customized with our powerful report authoring tool.

OnTime has been designed from the ground up to work internationally and for delivery companies worldwide and formally supports nearly 300 different countries. Features such as global Unicode support and regional formatting adaptation ensure that you can enter data in any language and see all numbers, currency, dates, and times appear in the regional format of your choosing.

Designed for: Owners / Administrators / ManagersRuns on: Windows PC

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