How to Use Route Optimization

OnTime includes advanced route optimization, built right in. OnTime's route optimization is extremely capable and accurate, with unheard-of performance. Hundreds of stops can be optimized with advanced parameters within a few seconds.
To use route optimization, follow the steps below:
  1. Within OnTime Dispatch, navigate to the Dispatching view on the left-side navigation pane.
  2. Within the Driver List, double-click on the user whose assignments you wish to optimize.
  3. Choose the desired starting location for the route by selecting the appropriate point within the drop-down list labeled Start at.
  4. Choose the type of route optimization desired from the drop-down list labeled Method. The Basic (Point-to-Point) method will perform point-to-point optimization using straight lines, which will not factor in mapping data, roads, and time windows. The Vehicle Route method will factor in advanced mapping data, such as roads, vehicle speeds, and time estimates. The Vehicle Route with Time Windows method will use advanced mapping data but will favor honoring time windows over geographic efficiency.
  5. Click the button labeled Optimize Route to start the optimization process. When completed, the orders or stops within the list will automatically sort to the optimal sequence with the first stop at the top and the last stop at the bottom.

Purchasing Route Optimization Credits

In addition to basic optimization, advanced route optimization that employs mapping data is available. Route optimization credits are used when using Vehicle Route or Vehicle Route with Time Windows as the optimization method.
For more information on route optimization credits and how to purchase them, click here.