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OnTime: Dedicated, Hosted, and Managed

Some organizations require that their data be processed and stored on dedicated and isolated servers and networks, however, they do not want to deal with the hassle of setting up and maintaining dedicated servers and networks. For such organizations, OnTime is available in a version that can be installed on your own dedicated server, but managed in our secured data center.

Instead of paying OnTime's usual monthly subscription fee, the managed, dedicated version of OnTime is purchased using traditional dispatch software licensing plus a monthly maintenance fee. This includes five charges:

  1. 1 license per server on which OnTime is configured
  2. 1 license per user account. Each user account represents a person working for your company who will need access to OnTime. This may include roles such as administrators, managers, dispatchers, drivers, customer support representatives, and bookkeepers. Volume discounts are automatically applied based on the number of users.
  3. Annual support contract which covers unlimited technical support and software updates and upgrades.
  4. One time costs for the build and configuration of a dedicated server
  5. Monthly maintenance fee for managing and housing the dedicated server in our data center

Prices for the managed, dedicated version of OnTime start at $21,241 plus $300 per month. To receive an accurate quote for your organization, please contact our sales department and let us know the number of user accounts that you will require.

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Did you know?

OnTime is also available in a stand-alone, completely on-premises version.

OnTime 360 has allowed us growth that would have been otherwise impossible. The ability to pay based on volume, use any cell provider and not have to host locally allowed us to get a powerful software package that would have been otherwise cost prohibitive for a small company. Over the years since we've been able to grow many times over, surpassing all other companies in our market who had been in place much longer. OnTime 360 was one of our key advantages that led to our success and one of the best business decisions I've made to date.

Zach Woody | Dash Delivery, Inc.