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Delivery Software for Logistics Companies

Logistics companies, including 3PL, enjoy having easy resource management and dispatching. Delivery software provided by OnTime 360 can help these businesses manage shipments across many drivers. Here are just some of the features OnTime provides to in-house couriers at logistics companies:

Vehicle Management
Vehicle management, including maintenance tracking and vehicle capability recommendations.
Allow OnTime delivery software to track your vehicles and their required maintenance. When a scheduled mileage or date is reached, you are notified that a particular vehicle is in need of maintenance.
Customer Support
The OnTime Community, with 24/7 access to tutorials, blogs, and other community related tools.
Our online support tools and resources are always available.
Tracking and Tracing
Locate, view, and edit information about a package or shipment from a common interface.
Fast access to the details of any order is important to your team. This window offers that access and takes the guess work out of making changes. For instance, if a customer calls to requests a change in service, how long does it currently take to calculate the difference in price, notify the drivers, and send out notification updates? With OnTime tracking and tracing, this process is handled with a click of your mouse; the rest is taken care of automatically.
Dimensional Weight
Generate dimensional weight factors and use those in your pricing.
Dim weight is a necessary calculation in most courier businesses and OnTime helps automate that process by allowing you to generate dim weight factors not just once, but for as many situations as you need them in.
Order Entry
Comprehensive order entry tools.
Every customer has unique needs, including pickup/drop off points, pricing, notifications, and options. With OnTime delivery software, managerial users may set up a customer one time with all of their specific needs. Afterwards, when a dispatcher starts to type in the customer's name, auto complete will suggest a matching customer. When the dispatcher selects a customer, the customer’s profile will load and all unique requirements will be set. Your dispatchers will be better informed and able to offer a higher level of service to customers.
Auto-Complete Data Entry
Start typing and automatically see and select the suggested records.
OnTime significantly streamlines data entry by suggesting customers and locations as you type. This feature offers minimal reliance on the mouse and allows an order to be dispatched in 15 seconds.
Support for Smartphones
Tested support for Apple iPhone, Google Android, and Palm Pre mobile devices.
Modern smartphones offer the compelling ability to handle many business related tasks from a single mobile device. OnTime Mobile Web offers an experience optimized for drivers using the Apple iPhone, Google Android devices, and BlackBerry.
Barcode Scanning
Process barcodes with or without a scanner.
OnTime Mobile allows you to key in the barcode or scan it with a barcode scanner. OnTime then lists all matching shipments. Shipments assigned to the driver will be located. OnTime delivery software will also access the server and find all matching shipments. A list of matching orders, along with the details of each order, will be accessible right from the mobile device.
Track driver location with a global positioning device.
OnTime Mobile supports GPS tracking with GPS enabled devices (Windows Mobile, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android). When enabled, OnTime’s GPS connectivity will transmit the driver's position to dispatch throughout the day.
Extensible Platform for Site Integration
API made available as a set of SOAP based XML Web Services built on open standards.
OnTime is a scalable platform that will grow in all directions with your business. The OnTime API allows an OnTime account to be connected with other software systems. The API can be used to create, update, and track orders in real-time. Learn more about the OnTime API.

I have had an excellent experience with the software as well as customer support.

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