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OnTime Extension SDK Archive

Older versions of the OnTime Extension SDK are provided here if there is a need to target older versions of OnTime Management Suite or OnTime Dispatch. For best results, always compile your OnTime Extension against the latest version of the SDK.

Older Versions

Version 4.4.120 - Released July 30, 2018

Version 4.3.105 - Released March 8, 2018

Version 4.3.100 - Released March 2, 2018

Version 4.0.132 - Released November 3, 2017

Version 1.0.0 - Released March 22, 2017


My company started using OnTime over three years ago. Being in the business it is hard to find programs that cater to all needs from dispatching to billing. OnTime is the best program we could find to fill our niche , allow us to operate our systems with full optics and allow custom made "hook-ups" to our other software that we are allowed to run in conjunction.

Doug Creighton | Alero Worldwide