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Route Optimization

OnTime can help you save time and money by significantly streamlining the route taken by couriers in the field. This means less fuel costs, more deliveries per driver, and happier customers. OnTime premium route optimization services are purchased in advance as credits. Each credit will optimize a single list of driver assignments.

Route optimization before and after
  • No setup fee
  • No monthly fee
  • No exporting and importing to a separate routing service
  • Built-in and available with a single click
  • Automatically sorts stops on driver's phone using OnTime Mobile apps for Android and iOS
  • Up to 300 stops per route

Premium Route Optimization Services

Add premium route optimization services to automatically gather and calculate more statistics about the optimal route. These statistics enhance route optimization by:

  • Showing the exact route recommended on the map
  • Calculating exact distance based on optimal roads and streets
  • Calculating the driving schedule, which includes start and stop time, travel time, and more that can span multiple days
  • Printing a detailed report including all of the statistics above

Start Optimizing

  • Basic Route Optimization




    INCLUDED with all subscription plans
    • Geographic optimization
    • Send optimized routes direct to driver app
    • Optimize up to 300 stops
    • Factor in time windows for arrival for collection and delivery
    • Blazing fast optimization under a second
  • Advanced Route Optimization

    Premium Services

    $25 - $500 credit bundle

    ($0.20 - $0.63 / credit)

      optimization features plus:
    • Premium optimization that factors in:
      • Required time windows for arrival for collection and delivery
      • Geography, streets, roads, and traffic flow
      • Mapping data, including speed limits
      • Custom starting and ending locations for routes
      • Duration at each stop
      • Return to home after route
    • Optimize routes across multiple days
    • Detailed routing and optimization statistics

Excellent software and service! There is no task Jeremy can't handle. DCS had over 150 drivers in two states and wouldn't have grown to our capacity without OnTime360. Tripled our growth in two years using OnTime.

Matt Lowe | DCS, Inc