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OnTime Mobile for Android

OnTime Mobile for Android

The Android operating system from Google runs on hundreds of different devices and tablets today. OnTime Mobile is available as a free application that is downloaded from the Google Market directly onto the device.

OnTime Mobile for Android offers an attractive and simple interface, designed to take advantage of the Android operating system. All essential information and functionality, including two way communication, is included. More sophisticated features, such as signature capture and GPS tracking, are included if the device supports them.

How to install

  1. From the Android device, go to the Programs list and launch the Google Play Store:

  2. From the Play Store, choose the option to Search as illustrated here:

  3. Type OnTime Mobile into the search box and then tap the Search key.

  4. Tap on OnTime Mobile for Android in the search results.

  5. Tap the Install button.

  6. Tap the Accept button to start the download and installation of the application.

  7. The application will download and install within a few moments. When completed, you should see a message at the top indicating that the application was successfully installed, as illustrated here:

  8. Exit the Google Play Store and return to the Programs list. You should see the OnTime Mobile application listed.

  9. Tap the OnTime Mobile icon to launch the program. Once loaded, sign in with your driver credentials.

For additional assistance, contact technical support here.

Thanks for the prompt response to my urgent request. I love you guys. Wonder why so many people use other much more expensive solutions. Your courier management software rocks and I am in love with it more every day.

Gregory Diaz | Alert Corp