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Installing OnTime Mobile on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

OnTime Mobile offers an attractive and simple interface, designed to take advantage of the iOS operating system. All essential information and functionality, including two way communication, is included. Sophisticated features, such as signature capture, GPS tracking, offline synchronization, and barcode scanning are included.

OnTime Mobile is available as a free app on the Apple App Store.

How to install

Simply click the button below launch the OnTime Mobile product page within the App Store and tap the GET button from there.

OnTime Mobile on the App Store

How to install manually from the App Store

  1. Start the App Store on your device.
  2. Choose the option to search for an app and search for: OnTime 360
  3. You should find OnTime Mobile within the list of search results. Open the OnTime Mobile product page and tap the GET button.
  4. Once installed, open OnTime Mobile. Once OnTime Mobile starts up, sign in with your driver credentials.

* Some iPad and iPod Touch models do not include full GPS capabilities.

For additional assistance, contact technical support here.

Thanks for working hard with everything you do to help make improvements to this system for us and the hundreds of other courier companies out there. It’s people like you with a company like On Time that really make a difference and show that you really do care about the product and with retaining existing customers. The customer support and the fact that you guys stand behind your product is just unbelievable.

George Shea | First State Couriers