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Custom Software Development Services

Vesigo Studios, the creator of OnTime, has a skilled development staff with experience in Internet communications across several development technologies. With the help of our expert staff, your projects will experience quicker time to market, improved performance, and dependable quality.

Vesigo Studios focuses on developing packaged software components for resale. We offer custom development services to complement our product line and provide added support to our customers. If you are looking for low cost development options based on fixed hourly rates or a consulting relationship, our custom development services may not be of interest to you.

OnTime Extension Projects

Small software projects based on the OnTime API or OnTime Extension SDK, often suitable for software system integration tasks.

  • Minimum project cost is $2,750 USD.
  • A $1,250 USD proposal fee is required upfront. This fee covers review of your project requirements and formulation of a quote. This proposal fee is non-refundable, but will be applied to the project costs if the quote is accepted.

All Other Development Projects

All other development projects that are not centrally based on the OnTime API or OnTime Extension SDK. These are typically medium to large size projects.

  • Minimum project cost is $18,000 USD. Except in circumstances involving a substantial licensing opportunity, we will not accept a custom development project for less than the minimum project cost.
  • A $2,500 USD proposal fee is required upfront. This fee covers review of your project requirements and formulation of a quote. This proposal fee is non-refundable, but will be applied to the project costs if the quote is accepted.

General Terms

  • Payment Terms: We typically require a 50% initial deposit before beginning development. The remaining balance is due upon successful project completion.
  • Changes to the general functionality of OnTime cannot be accepted as a custom development request. Doing so would change the functionality in OnTime for all users. Candidates for custom development include extensions, which can work to connect OnTime with other software and systems without affecting other users.
  • Cost is based on various factors, including: level of required developer expertise; opportunity costs associated with current project interruption; required delivery schedule, licensing opportunities; exclusivity requirements; development time; and technology requirements.
  • As a general rule, Vesigo Studios reserves all intellectual property rights for custom work. Any modifications or enhancements to Vesigo Studios products are the exclusive property of Vesigo Studios. Vesigo Studios has the right to utilize and/or commercialize any such modifications.

Submit a Custom Software Development Request

Please see our custom software development request instructions to receive a quotation based on your project requirements. A member of our team will contact you regarding your request.

Alternatives to Custom Software Development

If our professional development services do not fit your particular situation and requirements, consider the following options:

  • Free Developer Tools: OnTime provides an excellent platform for software developers to extend the functionality of OnTime and integrate with other software systems. SDK and API tools are freely available in our developer area. Use your own programmer to quickly implement the changes you need.
  • Technical Support: Vesigo Studios provides multiple levels of technical support, including free email support. In many situations, our experienced support team will be able to help you through obstacles in project development.
  • Suggest Features: If you think of a feature that would be a valuable addition to OnTime, please submit a suggestion. Your feedback is very important to us and is one of the primary contributors to our product development. We cannot guarantee that your specific request will be implemented; however, we carefully evaluate every request and assign a priority to each request based on its appeal to our full user base.

Thanks for working hard with everything you do to help make improvements to this system for us and the hundreds of other courier companies out there. It’s people like you with a company like On Time that really make a difference and show that you really do care about the product and with retaining existing customers. The customer support and the fact that you guys stand behind your product is just unbelievable.

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