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Make a Suggestion for OnTime

Your feedback is important to us and is one of the primary contributors to our product development. We cannot guarantee that your specific request will be implemented; however, we carefully evaluate every suggestion and assign each request a priority based on its appeal to our entire user base.

Process for Making a Suggestion

  1. Contact the OnTime Customer Support department and explain to the customer support representative that you have a suggestion for OnTime. Be as detailed as possible in your explanation. This includes a description of where your suggestion should appear, how you envision it working, and what the results should be.
  2. The customer support representative may offer alternatives or call to your attention existing features that already accomplish what you are looking for. The representative will ask additional questions to ensure we have a good understanding of your request.
  3. The customer support representative may then submit your request to the development team for review and consideration.

The system is very flexible. It allows you to price your services in an infinite number of ways, program routes, pickup and delivery times, and special services. I am very happy with my choice of OnTime 360.

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