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Reviews of OnTime

Here are just a few expressions of gratitude made by our valued clients:

“OnTime 360 has allowed us growth that would have been otherwise impossible. The ability to pay based on volume, use any cell provider and not have to host locally allowed us to get a powerful software package that would have been otherwise cost prohibitive for a small company. Over the years since we've been able to grow many times over, surpassing all other companies in our market who had been in place much longer. OnTime 360 was one of our key advantages that led to our success and one of the best business decisions I've made to date.”

- Zach Woody @ Dash Delivery, Inc.

“This morning at 10am a customer requested a specific change to the layout of our invoice. I tried to figure out how to make it work but could not. A few emails back and forth with OnTime customer service and by 2pm it is customized for me. All I had to do is upload a template for that customer and now all their invoices fit their needs. Thanks!”

- Zach Woody @ Dash Delivery, Inc.

“It really is an impressive program.”

- Zach Woody @ Dash Delivery, Inc.

“When we were doing 300 stops a day and I was using QuickBooks for billing I would spend about 50 to 60 hours a month on billing. Now we’re doing over 450 stops a day but thanks to OnTime (which integrates with Quickbooks) last month I did all the billing in about 20 hours. I cannot express how happy that makes me.”

- Zach Woody @ Dash Delivery, Inc.

“The system is amazingly flexible, especially in the area of building customized price sets and notifications. We've set up all kinds of notification systems and close to 100 different price sets to accommodate our customers over the years.”

- Zach Woody @ Dash Delivery, Inc.

“The cloud based system works great. We've had a computer fry its hard drive and had a new computer up and running without missing a beat.”

- Zach Woody @ Dash Delivery, Inc.

“You guys rock!”

- Michel Charlebois @ ProActif Transport

“The customer service for this company is outstanding! I have called several times and spoke with three different support staff they are always helpful, patient, professional and knowledgeable! If I were to rate my overall experience with the help desk I would give them 10 out of 10. Thanks for all you do!”

- Robyn @ Skymark

“Thanks for all your help and I continue to recommend OnTime to others in the industry.”

- George Shea @ First State Couriers

“It is a great system and they are always doing things to make improvements to it. Honestly, it's worth way more than $200 a month.”

- George Shea @ First State Couriers

“Thanks for working hard with everything you do to help make improvements to this system for us and the hundreds of other courier companies out there. It’s people like you with a company like On Time that really make a difference and show that you really do care about the product and with retaining existing customers. The customer support and the fact that you guys stand behind your product is just unbelievable.”

- George Shea @ First State Couriers

“Thank you, thank you! Love you guys!”

- Justin Bergener @ Medstar Cabulance, Inc.

“Just have to say that I am really digging this OnTime dispatch software. I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for all the time and patience you have devoted to my questions. It has been a bit overwhelming getting all this together for my fledgling business and you have been an incredible help and your customer service skills are superior. Thank you so very much.”

- Joseph Batista @ Quality Messenger Service

“You have been extremely responsive to our questions and needs and I find that very refreshing in the web support world and a major reason to recommend OnTime.”

- Diane Hollar @ Cape Fear Courier Services, Inc.

“Ridiculously powerful price structuring - you can put in ANY contract, and I mean ANY. Highly recommended.”

- Zach Woody @ Dash Delivery, Inc.

“Thanks for the prompt response to my urgent request. I love you guys. Wonder why so many people use other much more expensive solutions. Your courier management software rocks and I am in love with it more every day.”

- Gregory Diaz @ Alert Corp

“It's EASY to be loyal to OnTime! The ability to start small and add OnTime services and modules as our company grows is priceless! Looking forward to our next "jump".”

- Murray Freeman @ Crossroads Express, LLC

“I have had an excellent experience with the software as well as customer support.”

- Alfredo Oranges @ Turbo Entregas

“The system is very flexible. It allows you to price your services in an infinite number of ways, program routes, pickup and delivery times, and special services. I am very happy with my choice of OnTime 360.”

- Alfredo Oranges @ Turbo Entregas

“The customer web portal is so well structured we seldom get phone calls to place orders or program deliveries. I am very happy with my choice of OnTime 360.”

- Alfredo Oranges @ Turbo Entregas

“The affordability of such a small monthly premium was a huge factor in my acquisition of this program for my courier services as I was starting out from nothing.”

- Mani Rampersaud @ Proven Express

“We've been using OnTime 360 for just about a year now and each day we seem to be learning something new about it. The care and patience of the support and customer service teams helped us to understand how amazingly powerful and flexible the system truly is. Great stuff!”

- Chris Castellarin @ Greenway Courier Service Ltd

“My company started using OnTime over three years ago. Being in the business it is hard to find programs that cater to all needs from dispatching to billing. OnTime is the best program we could find to fill our niche , allow us to operate our systems with full optics and allow custom made "hook-ups" to our other software that we are allowed to run in conjunction.”

- Doug Creighton @ Alero Worldwide

“Excellent software and service! There is no task Jeremy can't handle. DCS had over 150 drivers in two states and wouldn't have grown to our capacity without OnTime360. Tripled our growth in two years using OnTime.”

- Matt Lowe @ DCS, Inc

“We have used it for 5 years and it has been a great tool, we started with basic package and are now at full suite. The online access is used by many of our customers who want faster order entry.”

- Anastasia Leveck @ Best Delivery

“You guys have amazing customer service! 10/10 as usual.”

- Robyn @ Skymark

Thanks for all your help and I continue to recommend OnTime to others in the industry.

George Shea | First State Couriers