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OnTime Software Release Notes

This page documents many of the additions and changes included in recent updates to OnTime software and services.

Preview Release Channel Updates

Preview releases include early access to new features and fixes. These changes will eventually find their way into Current releases.
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June 24, 2022

  • Additional methods for obtaining map coordinates for a location. In addition to geocoding an address or manually entering latitude/longitude coordinates, OnTime now supports three new methods for obtaining coordinates. Access these options by clicking the link next to the "Position" label in the Location window.
    • Find the location on a map and simply click to calculate the coordinates.
    • Use three-word addresses to geocode any location on earth using what3words.
    • Use Google Plus Codes to identify any location on earth.
  • Split payments are now supported. Create a new payment and choose to apply amounts from the payment across multiple invoices.
  • Order description field added to the list of available fields within the route optimization report.
  • New price modifier type for signature capture on collection. This makes it possible to set requirements and pricing specifically for signatures captured at the collection location.
  • Price sets now fully support user compensation. Use a price set to calculate the compensation for a user who is assigned to the Driver role. Change the price set Type from Customer to User. Then assign to the driver by opening the driver's user record and navigating to Employment > Compensation Rates > Driver Compensation Price Set. Any matching price calculations will be credited to the driver as compensation.
  • Sequential numbering of stops during route optimization. Pins displayed on the route optimization map will be labeled with numbers corresponding to the individual stops and the order in which they have been optimized.
  • Enable and disable extensions. Temporarily disable extensions within the desktop applications by navigating to Tools > Manage Extensions. Select the desired extensions and then click the button labeled "Disable". Repeat the same process to enable an extension, clicking the button labeled "Enable" when available.
  • Allow the Currently Assigned driver to be compensated when Driver Assigned for Collection or Driver Assigned for Delivery are not set. Access this setting from General Options > General > Use Currently Assigned driver if Collection or Delivery driver are not specified when calculating compensation.
  • New "RefreshAndSynchronize" method is available within the Extension SDK.
  • Improvements to the display of user compensation are shown under the Order Details window. In some cases, additional information is displayed to make compensation to multiple individuals clearer.
  • Improved change tracking when editing records that will prompt the user to save changes if closing the window without saving their changes first.
  • Improvements to the user interface when operated under Gray and Dark themes.
  • Improvements to the loading performance of the Price Set editor, especially when opening price sets with many zones.
  • Issue that could prevent the button labeled "Update Pricing on all Route Stops" from working properly.
  • Issue that could prevent pricing of specific percentage based price modifiers to calculate properly when saving a new route stop.
  • Issue that could prevent the tooltip from displaying properly when searching for and geocoding an address.
  • Issue that could prevent the pricing update prompt from immediately appearing when adjusting options within an existing order.
  • Issue that could prevent validation errors from appearing when editing user accounts.
  • Issue that prevented Price Modifier Usage and Revenue report from showing the proper data.
  • Issue that could prevent minimum date/time validation from functioning properly, allowing orders to be entered with earlier than acceptable times.
  • Issue that could cause the Price Set editor to experience significant delays when loading some price sets.
  • Issue that could prevent zone lookup tables from displaying full fractional units.
  • Issue that could prevent date range filters from working properly within the Extension SDK.
  • Issues reported via the OnTime error reporting service.


Current Release Channel Updates

Current releases are reliable and up to date, making them the best option for most users.
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April 5, 2022

  • The linking lists between customers and locations can now be searched across all columns.
  • Issue that could prevent views from loading properly at startup.
  • Issue that could cause inconsistent results when creating route stop schedule exceptions within the calendar view.
  • Issue that could prevent the navigation bar from appearing at startup.
  • Issues reported via the OnTime error reporting service.

March 29, 2022

  • The customer drop down list within the order entry view of OnTime Dispatch has been enhanced to allow for more flexible searches. Instead of an exact match, left to right, you can now search across multiple details of a customer, matching text anywhere it appears.
  • New setting to allow all invoices to appear within the OnTime Customer Web Portal immediately after they are created. This setting can be found under General Options > Customer Web Portal > Invoices > Show all invoices immediately after being created. When turned on, the previous ability to choose which invoices appear online is disabled.
  • If choosing which invoices to appear online within the OnTime Customer Web Portal, you can now cause multiple invoices to appear online at once. Use this new bulk edit feature by selecting multiple invoices, right-click, and choose "Show in Web Portal."
  • The invoices and payments lists within the Billing view can now be customized. This includes choosing which columns are displayed and saving the configuration of the lists between sessions.
  • Four new columns are available within the invoices list of the Billing view: Memo, Number of Orders, Invoice Template, and Show in Web Portal.
  • Record a new payment by right-clicking directly on an invoice.
  • Two new customer statement reports. One statement summarizes unpaid invoices and the balance due, broken down by aging. Another report makes it possible to generate a statement of all invoices and payments processed for a customer within a specified date range.
  • Route stops now show collection and delivery locations.
  • Route stops now open faster.
  • Multiple route stops can be open at the same time.
  • Price quotation report. Generate a price quote based on the information in the order entry form of OnTime Dispatch. Create a new order, complete as much of the order as necessary, and then click the button labeled Price Quote under the Order Entry tab of the toolbar at the top.
  • Display summaries of the total amount due within the Unbilled Orders view. Activate this feature by clicking the Options button at the top of the Unbilled Orders list and choosing Show Amount Due Summaries.
  • Quantity and item numbering now appears by default on shipping labels. For example, if a quantity of 10 is specified for an order, an option will appear to produce 10 labels at once, each labeled "X of 10".
  • Updated experience when editing the list of base prices, price modifiers, and customers within the price set editor. For clarity, base price by distance is now available within its own list.
  • Improvements to the price set list within the customer editor, making it possible to quickly search and filter columns.
  • Improvements to the customers and price modifiers lists within the customer editor, making it possible to quickly search and filter columns. Try using the Ctrl + F keyboard shortcut to perform a quick find.
  • Invoice email template now supports HTML formatting making it possible to create richer message templates.
  • Add item details when placing orders through the Customer Web Portal. This option is turned on via General Options > Customer Web Portal > Order Entry > Show time windows for collection and delivery.
  • Specify time windows for collection and delivery when placing orders through the Customer Web Portal. This option is turned on via General Options > Customer Web Portal > Order Entry > Allow users to add items to orders.
  • Quantity, COD information, declared value, and itemized descriptions now appear on order detail pages within the Customer Web Portal.
  • Manually schedule all stops within a route by right clicking on a route and choosing Manually Schedule.
  • Latitude and longitude (GPS coordinates) are can now be mapped when importing locations from an Excel or CSV file.
  • Updated pins on the drive location map make it easier to identify drivers in close proximity. The color of the pins can now be changed to suit your preference.
  • Two new customer statement reports. One shows a list of past due invoices along with invoice again. The other will show all invoices and payments transacted for a customer within a specified date range.
  • Price set usage and revenue report. View the revenue generated by a specific price set, as well as the orders it was used on, during a specific time period.
  • Price modifier usage and revenue report. View the revenue generated by a specific price modifier, as well as the orders it was used on, during a specific time period.
  • Earliest Collection Date and Earliest Delivery Date are now available as special fields for workflow notification templates.
  • New workflow notification event that triggers when a route stop is scheduled.
  • Process credit card payments from the order entry form of OnTime Dispatch. Turn this feature on by checking the box located under General Settings > Order Entry > Prompt for credit card authorization before submitting new orders.
  • Route stop window now supports simplified ribbon to increase usable space.
  • When viewed in calendar view, route stops will now reflect the color assigned to the route.
  • The work sheet report is now available from the yellow notification bar that appears after submitting a new order.
  • Add new records quickly by duplicating configuration from an existing record. Right click an on existing record within the list and choose "Duplicate [X]...". This applies to Users, Locations, Zones, Price Sets, Price Modifiers, Customers, Payments, Vehicles, Route Stops, and Workflow Notifications.
  • Orders not available on local PCs due to archive date settings are now automatically retrieved from the server if a broadband connection to the internet is available.
  • An order's base price is now available as a special field within the workflow notification designer.
  • A customer's default reference number and purchase order number will prepopulate within the OnTime Customer Web Portal order entry form, as it does within the OnTime Dispatch order entry form.
  • A customer's account number now appears within the order entry form of the OnTime Customer Web Portal.
  • Allow duplicate data when importing from Excel and CSV files. Previously when importing from these files, any records found to contain the same data as a record already within the account would be skipped. A new checkbox labeled "Allow duplicate data to be imported" can be used to bypass this duplication check.
  • New setting in Program Options > General > Enable multicolumn search when selecting customers in the Order Entry view. When enabled, this will change the customer selection field to search across all columns of data for a broader and more flexible method of searching. When disabled, the previous autocomplete behavior is used, searching only against the company name.
  • OnTime Extension Packager for Visual Studio 2022 is now available from the Visual Studio Marketplace
  • Added ShowForm and ShowDialog methods to the OnTime Extension SDK. These methods will make it possible to push windows to the foreground of OnTime Management Suite or OnTime Dispatch, without user intervention. This is especially useful for extensions that need to ensure alerts or other time sensitive information is displayed to a user.
  • Source code for the "Scan Barcode to Update Status" extension is now available on GitHub. The code is licensed under GPL-3.0, allowing organizations to modify the code and behavior of the extension to suit their needs. For more information about this extension, see How to Use the Scan Barcode to Update Status Extension
  • A Timestamp property has been added to the OnTime API for the Order.FileAttachment class.
  • A date range filter has been added to the "fileAttachments" endpoint of the OnTime API, making it possible to retrieve a subset of files associated with an order.
  • OnTime Extension Packager, contained within the OnTime Extension SDK is now available in 64-bit.
  • All new "My Map" view. This view will show a map with all stops from the "My Orders" list, giving you a choice to view assignments in a list view or a map view. Tap the pins within the map view to a popup about the location and tap the popup to load details about that order.
  • Quickly add shipping exceptions to an order from the Order Details screen by tapping the new "Update Status" button. Then enter a note about the exception, such as "No one home," or choose from a list of premade notes created by your company.
  • Barcode scanning will now make audible beeps, giving feedback to the user about successful and failed scanning attempts.
  • Long press on a location's address on the Order Details screen to copy the address to the clipboard.
  • Improvements to support the latest mobile operating systems (iOS 15 and Android 12). Note that Android 4.4 and iOS 8 are no longer supported.
  • Reports are now more easily visible within the navigation pane area of a view.
  • Disable tooltips from appearing within order entry through a new setting available under Program Options > Order Entry > Show order entry tooltips on hover.
  • The OnTime Extension SDK has been updated to version 6.0.795, which includes new features while being 100% backwards compatible.
  • OnTime Extension SDK version 6.0.795 is available for download from
  • Updates and improvements to the OnTime Extension SDK documentation.
  • Improvements to Dark application theme.
  • Improvements to loading speed of order entry page within the Customer Web Portal.
  • Issue causing layout problems within the order entry and route stop views.
  • Issue that could cause icons within context menus to appear too small on some monitors.
  • Issue that could cause import of Excel and CSV files to fail without warning when a field contained too much text.
  • Issue that could cause stale data to appear within the routes stop list if customer or location records had been removed after the route stop was created.
  • Issue that could prevent scheduled route exceptions from working correctly when deleting a scheduled stop from the calendar view.
  • Issue that prevented drivers from marking orders as collected or delivered if the user did not have the ability to transfer orders enabled.
  • Issue that could prevent Waze from integrating properly with OnTime Mobile for iOS.
  • Issue that could cause some searches to be treated as case sensitive, giving unexpected results.
  • Issue that could cause an error to appear when retrieving price set or price modifier data via an OnTime Extension.
  • Issue that could application from closing immediately if a synchronization was pending.
  • Issue that could cause route stops to retain pricing configuration between changes to service level section.
  • Issue that could cause layout issues when creating duplicate orders or return trips within the order entry view.
  • Issues reported via the OnTime error reporting service.

December 3, 2021

  • Issue that could prevent local settings from migrating properly when rebuilding the data file.
  • Issue that could prevent some list from being properly alphabetized when mixed case characters are used.
  • Issues reported via the OnTime error reporting service.

November 3, 2021

  • Issue that could prevent specific reports and extensions from loading properly.
  • Issue that could prevent service levels from loading when creating new orders.
  • Various issues reported via the OnTime error reporting service.

October 28, 2021

  • Improvements to performance when exporting data.
  • Issue that prevented the Export Data function from operating correctly.
  • Various issues reported via the OnTime error reporting service.

October 25, 2021

  • User compensation can now include commission on price modifiers that calculate a negative amount. This option can be turned on by navigating to General Options > General > Users > Allow user compensation to include negative price modifiers. This option is turned off by default.
  • Issue that could cause some OnTime Extensions to create multiple sets of user defined fields, giving the appearance of duplicate orders within the OnTime Customer Web Portal.
  • Issue that could prevent some criteria from being used within the duplicate detection feature.
  • Issue that could cause repeated prompts to install the Microsoft Edge WebView2 prerequisite.
  • Various issues reported via the OnTime error reporting service.

October 22, 2021

  • Added ability to directly edit SQL queries within the Query Builder when authoring custom reports.
  • Issue that caused an error message to appear when connecting to QuickBooks Pro.
  • Issue that could cause some route stops to reset to their price set to the default selected after modification.
  • Issue that could cause additional options to reset to default when editing specific route stops.
  • Issue that prevented orderly tabbing through fields in the order entry and route stop forms.
  • Issue that could cause the assigned contact to disappear after editing an existing order.
  • Various issues reported via the OnTime error reporting service.

October 14, 2021

  • Issue that could cause some OnTime Extensions to create multiple sets of user defined fields, giving the appearance of duplicate orders within the OnTime Customer Web Portal.
  • Issue that could prevent file imports from working correctly when mapping was incomplete for some records.
  • Issue that could precent checkboxes from unticked when using the Advanced Filter.
  • Issue that could prevent a customer account number from importing properly.
  • Issue that could cause copies of orders to not include price set information.
  • Issue that could cause a contact name assigned to an order to be removed when resaving the order.
  • Various issues reported via the OnTime error reporting service.

October 6, 2021

  • Improvements to the layout of additional options within order entry when horizontal space is limited.
  • Issue that caused some users to see a "you do not have permission" message when completing some tasks.
  • Issue that prevented data import from CSV or Excel files when specific mapping was used.
  • Issue that could cause zones to not be applied when importing locations from a CSV or Excel file.
  • Various issues reported via the OnTime error reporting service.

October 1, 2021

  • All new data file engine. OnTime stores information locally within a data file to ensure quick access to your data, even without an internet connection. After several months of development and testing, we are happy to introduce a new data file format that provides several enhancements, such as:
    • Significant improvements to data access speed. In some cases, you'll see a 20X speed increase.
    • Access all records without data file size restrictions. The 4GB file size restriction has been lifted.
    • Added protection against data loss or corruption.
  • Simplified ribbon toolbar. This optional interface is available by clicking the up arrow (^) shown at the far right of the ribbon toolbar. The simplified ribbon used less vertical space, making more room for your data.
  • New look for Order Entry. The Order Entry view has been updated with improvements to readability. Pricing is grouped together under a new Service Level panel. Order entry tabs can now be docked outside of the application and moved to secondary monitors.
  • New web rendering engine. OnTime now uses the new Microsoft Edge (based on Chromium) rendering engine to display web content throughout the application. This brings improved security, speed, and compatibility.
  • New installer. Our new installer makes installation of the desktop applications faster and more reliable while sporting a refreshed visual appearance. Updates will see an even greater improvement in speed. The new installer will also preserve your pinned shortcuts to the Start menu and taskbar. When installing Management Suite, it's no longer necessary to install Dispatch separately to get a shortcut on the desktop. Management Suite will now create a shortcut to Dispatch.
  • Global setting indicators. Some settings within OnTime Management Suite apply only to the local PC, while other settings apply company-wide, and it was not always easy to tell the difference. Global company-wide settings are now clearly marked with a blue globe next to the setting or section of settings. This helps clarify which settings affect the local PC and which ones affect the entire account.
  • Modify orders from the Unassigned Orders list. Order details could be opened and viewed from the Unassigned Orders list within the Dispatching view in previous versions, but they could not be modified. Now order details can be changed from the Unassigned Orders list, as you can from the Tracking view.
  • Support for Microsoft Windows 11. With several changes coming in Windows 11, we fully tested and adjusted OnTime to ensure full compatibility. OnTime will work well and look great on Windows 11.
  • A refreshed login screen that is more friendly with an updated look.
  • Improved support across four color schemes: Colorful, Light, Gray, and Dark. Significant improvements to consistency are especially seen in the Gray and Dark themes.
  • New icons across the applications that bring a fresh and cohesive look.
  • New smooth scrolling option that makes it easier for the eye to track items when scrolling long lists.
  • Updated Program Options within OnTime Dispatch that is easier to navigate and is consistent with General Options in OnTime Management Suite.
  • The default Dispatching view now shows more information at once. Drivers, Unassigned Orders, and Mapping are now shown in different panes, allowing quick access to more information at once. Drag and drop the header of each pane to dock and float panes to fit your personalized workflow. Tabbing is still supported if you would like to configure the view to appear as it did in previous versions.
  • Open multiple reports at once from the Tracking view. Previously, only one instance of a report could be open at a time. The size and position of the report preview window will also be restored, making it easier to work with those reports within your personal workflow quickly.
  • All new custom report designer engine and interface. Previewing and printing custom reports will now process much more quickly. For example, a 2,000-page report can be rendered within five seconds. Using the familiar ribbon toolbar, a new report designer interface makes creating and editing reports more approachable. An all-new Report Wizard makes it much easier to start a new report from scratch, walking you through step by step.
  • Improvements to the security within reports when custom scripting is used.
  • Improvements to the reliability of Driver Groups within the Dispatching view. A new setting in Program Options makes it possible to toggle the behavior of Driver Groups against the Drivers list.
  • Prevent customers from editing locations. A new setting under General Options > Customer Web Portal > Address Book labeled Allow users to edit existing locations can be toggled to control this feature.
  • Improvements to international address lookup and geocoding.
  • Enhancements to the reliability and flexibility of filtering across additional lists of data.
  • Numerous adjustments to improve the readability and appearance of elements across the applications.
  • Various improvements to better support high resolution/DPI displays.
  • Updated various Order Details tabs to remember scroll positions when reloading data.
  • Added persistence of the ribbon's "collapsed" state when restarting OnTime.
  • Preview file attachments. Files attached to an order can now be quickly opened and previewed without first saving the file. Double click and attachment and the file will automatically download and open in the file's default applications. Additionally, the file attachment size has been doubled.
  • Improved performance of loading and updating of the Unassigned Orders list within OnTime Dispatch.
  • Anonymous API has been deprecated. If anonymous API access is already turned off, the check box will no longer appear, preventing users from turning it back on. If anonymous API access is already turned on, the check box will appear, allowing users to turn it off.
  • Issue that prevented SQL Server data transfer from completing.
  • Various issues reported via the OnTime error reporting service.

Archived Release Notes

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This morning at 10am a customer requested a specific change to the layout of our invoice. I tried to figure out how to make it work but could not. A few emails back and forth with OnTime customer service and by 2pm it is customized for me. All I had to do is upload a template for that customer and now all their invoices fit their needs. Thanks!

Zach Woody | Dash Delivery, Inc.