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OnTime Software Release Notes

This page documents many of the additions and changes included in recent updates made to the OnTime software and services.

Preview Release

Preview Releases can be downloaded here.

October 18, 2019

  • Record change history and auditing: Easily view past changes made to many records. History of changes made to a record can be accessed by selecting a record, right-clicking, and choosing "History" from within the context menu. Record history details the data changed, including the user that made the change, grouped by the timestamp of the change. Grouping can be changed to Property name by right-clicking within the list and choosing Group By > Property. History is available for the following records: users, locations, zones, price sets, customers, orders, invoices, payments, and vehicles.
  • All new grid view for main lists within desktop applications. This new grid offers access to more data, streamlined data updates, and significantly improved performance.
  • New grid views support advanced filtering on any single column or combination of columns. Use compound expressions to filter data to a very specific level.
  • New Auto Filter Row makes searching on any column quick and easy.
  • Grid view filtering that supports more than just "equals" comparison. Now use comparisons such as Equals, Does not equal, Contains, Does not contain, Is like, Is not like, Begins with, Ends with, Is greater than, Is greater than or equal to, Is less than, and Is less than or equal to.
  • Grid views now support a Best Fit auto sizing of columns.
  • Grid views now support sorting by more than one column. Right-click on a column header to choose sorting for a column and then repeat that step on each additional column for which sorting should be applied.
  • Grid views now support grouping by any column. Right-click on a column header to group by that column. Multiple columns may be used for grouping.
  • Advanced filtering through the Filter Editor window. Right-click a column header to open the Filter Editor. Within the Filter Editor, any combination of comparisons can be defined to filter data to a very specific level.
  • New option to automatically calculate an optimal number of orders to display within the Tracking view. This option is turned on by default. Previously, a default of the top 500 most recent orders would be displayed. With this version, the performance was improved to allow for the 80,000 most recent records to be displayed without system slow down. The number of records chosen does not affect searches or filters, which will always search all available records.
  • Added a new Bill of Lading link within the notification bar that appears across the top of new orders when submitted within the Order Entry view of OnTime Dispatch. Clicking this link will load a preview of the Bill of Lading for the new order.
  • The OnTime API now includes additional headers for rate limits. If rate limits are reached, the response headers will include rate limit information, such as the number of API transactions used, number of remaining transactions, when rate limits will be reset, and when to next retry.
  • Added a list of selected price modifiers associated with an order to the special fields list within workflow notifications.
  • Added user defined fields as special fields within the workflow designer.
  • Added order tracking link as special field within workflow designer.
  • Added workflow designer event for new orders created through the Customer Web Portal.
  • Added workflow designer event for order transferred between drivers.
  • Scan Barcode to Update Status: Availability of new desktop or console barcode scanning extension designed to change the status of an order when scanned with a variety of standalone barcode scanning equipment.
  • The Search box in the upper right corner is now active for the Tracking view. The Search box searches for matches across text-based columns, which can be useful for broad searches across all columns. Because the Search box scans all columns, the operation can take considerably longer than using advanced search and filters.
  • Dark theme is now supported consistently across more of the desktop applications.
  • Main lists now include consistent keyboard shortcuts, which can be viewed by right-clicking with the list. Keyboard shortcuts include "Ins" to create a new record, "CTRL + C" to copy to the clipboard, "CTRL + P" to paste from the clipboard, "CTRL + A" to select all records, and "Del" to delete selected record(s).
  • Added "Show Deleted Items" as a command within the context menu of the Tracking view.
  • Icons across context menus are updated and enhanced to render well on high DPI displays.
  • Improved performance when viewing a large number of orders within the Tracking view.
  • Improvement to the reliability of the route scheduling service when changing to and from daylight saving time.
  • Perform quick searches within main lists by pressing "CTRL + F".
  • Improvements to performance when displaying the Total User Compensation column within the Tracking view.
  • Available Drivers with Cities extension will now prompt for a Google Maps API key if one is not specified. Google now requires such a key for access to mapping data.
  • Click and drag the mouse within lists to select rows. When moving beyond the top and bottom edges of the list, the list will continue to scroll, allowing for additional selection.
  • Advanced Search has a new home: The Filter Editor. This simplified view is easier to read and far more powerful. All features that were in the previous Advanced Search area are available in the new Filter Editor. Unlimited compound expressions make it possible to filter data to a very specific level. Then, as was possible in previous versions, these advanced searches can be saved for later use as a Quick View.
  • Removed the initial setup dependency of SQL Server Compact 4.0. Installation of this component is only required if creating custom reports from scratch.
  • An issue that could allow for negative odometer reading when editing vehicles manually.
  • An issue that could cause the single order report to not load properly if the collection or delivery location are missing.
  • An issue that could cause unnecessary "unauthorized" messages when using OnTime Dispatch.
  • An issue when adding miscellaneous user compensation on an order where the number of hours was being incorrectly rounded in some instances.
  • An issue that would prevent using the "tab" key to navigate through editor fields within the workflow notification designer.
  • An issue that would prevent multiple user reports from combining into a single document when that option was selected.
  • An issue that caused an error when re-opening the Tracking view in specific scenarios.
  • An issue that could prevent total user compensation from displaying properly when exporting or copying from the Tracking view.
  • An issue that caused an error when importing orders with customers from a CSV or Excel file and mapping the GrantCWPAccess field.
  • Various issues reported via the OnTime error reporting service.

Current Release

Current Releases can be downloaded here.

August 30, 2019

  • View current API usage within the Account Center area of OnTime Management Suite.
  • Improvements to the performance of loading the list of unbilled orders.
  • Issue that could cause some extensions to become unstable.
  • Various issues reported via the OnTime error reporting service.

June 7, 2019

  • The order detail window now remembers the size and location it was last opened.
  • Improvements to API validation and feedback to developers when invalid data is encountered.
  • Improvements to reliability of SDK based extensions.
  • Find Distances tool no longer supports Canadian postal codes. Normal distance calculations replace this tool and happen automatically and function internationally.
  • An issue that would cause an error when downloading sample workflow notifications.
  • An issue when attempting to modify new driver groups before saving.
  • Issues that could cause unreliability with API rate limiting.
  • An issue that would cause grouping to reverse within the list of drivers within the dispatching view when toggling the option to hide drivers not available.
  • An issue causing some extensions to fail when updating location records with incomplete data.
  • Various issues reported via the OnTime error reporting service.

May 29, 2019

  • Improvements to startup time.
  • Improvements to font rendering.
  • Added alert that will appear in order entry when the order does not exactly match the time offset defined in the selected price set.
  • Memory usage improvements and general system performance improvements.
  • Various issues reported via the OnTime error reporting service.

May 22, 2019

  • Search for price set name within the advanced search of the Tracking view.
  • Searching Level of Service within the advanced search of the Tracking view now returns partial matches instead of exact matches.
  • Check boxes for signature capture on collection and delivery have swapped positions within the ribbon of the order entry form. Signature capture on collection now appears first.
  • Issues that could result in a price set's schedule not applying properly to the date and time fields within order entry.
  • Issues that could result in pricing calculations of certain price modifiers.
  • An issue that could cause signature capture based price modifiers to not calculate properly when switching between price sets.
  • An issue that could restrict choosing latest arrival window times to match the exact time offset. Now wider time windows are allowed, and an alert is shown.
  • An issue that could cause the time offset correction alert to appear cropped on some monitors.
  • Various issues reported via the OnTime error reporting service.

May 15, 2019

  • An issue that could cause the scheduler testing tool to fail when projecting schedules far into the future.
  • An issue that could cause some extensions using the SaveOrderStatusChange function to fail.
  • An issue that could cause time interval lists to respond to mouse wheel scrolling inappropriately.
  • An issue causing time interval lists to behave inconsistently when a price set schedule is applied.
  • Issue that could result in a route stop not saving after running scheduling tests.
  • Various issues reported via the OnTime error reporting service.

May 10, 2019

  • Option on user accounts to control if the user is allowed to transfer orders to another user from within the OnTime Mobile apps.
  • Option to turn on an off requirement for vehicle information when clocking in and out in OnTime Mobile as a driver.
  • Create time clock sessions for drivers and dispatchers from within OnTime Management Suite and OnTime Dispatch.
  • User permissions to control creation and modification of user time clock sessions.
  • Ability to choose the order in which dimensions are presented. Under General Options > Order Entry, choose between "Height x Width x Length" and "Length x Width x Height".
  • Automated route scheduler time of day now supports daylight saving adjustments.
  • Vehicle information will not be required when clocking in or out if there are no vehicles present in the account.
  • Improvements to performance when loading write in charges or custom price modifiers.
  • An issue that could cause the route stop scheduler time to increase by one hour in time zones with daylight saving time.
  • An issue resulting in a price set schedule not working properly within the order entry view if time intervals were active and a price set schedule was applied to collection or delivery date and time.
  • An issue that prevented users from logging into the desktop apps after attempting to log in with incorrect credentials.
  • An issue in the OnTime SDK that prevented timestamps from being applied to status changes.
  • An issue that could cause an error to appear when viewing user compensation on an order with multiple drivers.
  • An issue that could cause an error when manually typing dates for the start or end range of a vehicle's usage within time clock sessions.
  • An issue that could cause user compensation to be multiplied by half in time and activity reports.
  • An issue where order time windows were not being converted to a customer's time zone.
  • An issue where the Delivery.LatestArrivalTime fields was unable to display its value on reports.
  • Various issues reported via the OnTime error reporting service.

April 30, 2019

  • Create a new route stop based on an existing order. From within the Tracking view of Management Suite, right-click an order and choose New Route Stop from This Order.
  • A customer's total balance will now appear within the "Receive Payment" window.
  • When entering custom charges (or write in charges) the last 20 distinct entries will be available in a drop down list.
  • The number of rows displayed within the Unbilled Orders list is limited to improve performance. By default, rows are limited to the 500 most recent orders, by date that the order was submitted.
  • View how a vehicle has been used across users in time clock sessions. Right click on a vehicle within the Vehicles list and choose Usage in Time Clock Sessions.
  • Vehicle type can now be chosen when entering orders.
  • Set a unique tracking number format for orders submitted through the Customer Web Portal. This setting can be changed under General Options > Order Entry.
  • A warning will now appear when deleting orders from the Tracking view when the order has already been placed on an invoice. Also added a warning when opening an invoice that contains a missing order.
  • Added collection and delivery email address as columns within Tracking view.
  • Removed Ovi and Czech maps due to maps being discontinued.
  • An issue in user reports where non-driver users on an order were being included in driver-only detail calculations.
  • An issue in user reports where archived misc. compensations were causing orders to be improperly included in the report
  • A bug where the 'Today' date range times were reversed when choosing a date range for some user reports.
  • An issue in order entry regarding loading the selected price set and price modifiers when initializing the order entry view with an existing order.
  • An issue preventing orders from being marked as billed.
  • An issue in order entry regarding price set due date offset when using fixed time intervals.
  • An issue causing report icons to appear in order entry notification bar when inappropriate.
  • An issue when calculating the earliest/latest arrival times in order entry when both cutoff and offset apply.
  • An issue causing price modifiers to load improperly when changing the type property of a price set.
  • An issue preventing the Print button within the route optimization windows from working correctly when optimization was actively processing.
  • Issue that could cause an error message to appear when opening certain route stops.
  • Issue that would result in mouse wheel movements to interfere with scrolling within the order entry view.
  • Improvements to security and authorization functions.
  • Various issues reported via the OnTime error reporting service.

April 5, 2019

  • The automated Route Stop Scheduler can now be configured to up to a month in advance. Previously the route stop scheduler would only generate orders for the current day, but now a number of days can be specified. This will cause any route stops scheduled for that day in the future to be generated on the current day.
  • User defined fields are now included as available required fields during order entry at both the global and customer levels.
  • Route optimization report now displays arrival and departure times of each stop.
  • Status and current status label of an order are now available as special fields within the Workflow Notification Designer.
  • Choose between exact and interval lists of time when entering new orders. Previously, orders entered via OnTime Dispatch or the OnTime Customer Web Portal required setting the time portion of dates specifically down to the minute. A new option is available under General Options > Order Entry to display a list of time intervals. The intervals can be set to a number of minutes that suites your company. When choosing a time, users will then choose from a list of times.
  • Manually schedule the next scheduled occurrence of a route stop.
  • Manually schedule a route stop for a specific date in the future.
  • Hide inactive user accounts in the Users view by right clicking within the list and choosing Hide Inactive Users.
  • Hide inactive customers in the Customers view by right clicking within the list and choosing Hide Inactive Customers.
  • Change zones assigned to locations in bulk. Right click within the Locations list and choose bulk edit. All selected locations will be updated to the zone selected.
  • Additional date presents when generating reports: This Week, This Month, and This Year.
  • Quick links to view the shipping label and waybill reports within the notification bar when submitting new orders from the Order Entry view.
  • Incoming Tracking Number and Outgoing Tracking Number fields are now available as special fields within the Workflow Notification Designer.
  • Customer departments and declared value are now available as fields within the Data Import tool.
  • Copy the tracking number by right clicking on the notification bar when submitting new orders from the Order Entry view.
  • Items view under Additional Details view of a new order now displayed multiple columns, showing the details of each item. Previously, only the description was shown.
  • Fixed a bug where price modifiers were not being loaded when opening existing route stops.
  • Issues that could cause some unbilled orders to display improperly within the Tracking view and Unbilled Orders list.
  • Issue that could cause same day cut off time and due date offsets to not calculate properly.
  • Issue within the workflow notification designer editor that could cause an error when dragging and dropping text.
  • Issue that could cause the list of modifiers within a price set to duplicate when changing the price set type.
  • Various issues reported via the OnTime error reporting service.

March 7, 2019

  • Go to driver position: Right click on a user within the drivers list of the Dispatching view and choose Go to Driver Position. This will filter the Driver Positions map to show the selected driver.
  • Find order in tracking: Right click on an order within the unassigned orders list of the Dispatching view and choose Find Order in Tracking. This will switch to the Tracking view and preform a search for the tracking number of the selected order.
  • Last Order Submitted added as an available column within the Customers list. This column will display the date and time of the most recent order submitted by each customer.
  • Option for different distance calculations used when generating user compensation reports. Available under General Options > General > Reports, choose from the sum of distances of the orders on the report or the sum of odometer readings taken when drivers clock in and out.
  • Search user defined fields on orders within Advanced Search of the Tracking view.
  • The vehicle and vehicle type in use by a driver is now shown within the drivers list under the Dispatching view of OnTime Dispatch. The vehicle currently in use by a driver is determined by the vehicle chosen when the driver clocks in and out of OnTime Mobile.
  • New permissions to allow a user to view a customer’s password and the password of other users.
  • The name of the currently assigned driver now appears within the route stops list view.
  • Search fields are now sorted alphabetically within Advanced Search of the Tracking view.
  • Zone lookup tables can now store values with more than two decimal places.
  • Issue that could cause dispatcher compensation to appear within a driver's time and activity report.
  • Issue that could result in some orders not appearing in searches within the Tracking view.
  • Issue that could cause dispatcher miscellaneous compensation for secondary users to not be included in subtotal without first refreshing within order details.
  • Issue that could cause some SDK based extensions to not update specific records properly.
  • Various issues reported via the OnTime error reporting service.

February 27, 2019

  • View and restore deleted zones within the zones list.
  • Improvements to user compensation reporting, including more details when multiple drivers are involved.
  • Issue that could cause driver positions to appear incorrectly within non-U.S. English cultures.
  • Issue causing report optimization report preview to display unwanted coded information.
  • Issue that could cause user compensation to display incorrectly.
  • Issue that could cause some modified reports to not load properly.
  • Issue that could cause the map within the route optimization window to crash.
  • Issue that could result in some zone lookup table cells to not save changed values.
  • Issue that could result in user time clock sessions from appearing within Time and Activity reports.
  • Various issues reported via the OnTime error reporting service.

February 18, 2019

  • Print route optimization results directly from the route optimization window.
  • The OnTime Account Portal is available online at Log in to this portal to edit profile information, adjust an account's subscription plan, make payments, adjust auto pay settings, and view invoices and payments.
  • Credit card processing: Set up use of a payment gateway under General Options > Connections > Payment Processing. Currently Authorize.NET is the only supported payment gateway. Additional payment gateways will be added in the future.
  • Credit card processing within OnTime Management Suite. Payments can now be made using a customer’s credit card information from within the Billing section of a customer’s record. Payments can be applied to an invoice or as standalone payments.
  • Credit card processing within the OnTime Customer Web Portal. This feature can be turned on and off from within the Customer web Portal settings section of General Options. Payment processing can appear in two locations: Before order submission (pre-pay) and from the invoices page (post-pay).
  • New permissions to view and update customer credit card information.
  • User price set compensation is now included in the Total User Compensation column of Tracking view.
  • An option to show full address information within the route optimization window. By default, orders and stops displayed in the list show minimal address information. Click the Options button on the route optimization window to enable the setting to display full address information.
  • Ability to edit COD collection information from within order details of the Tracking view.
  • Improvements to startup and general performance of desktop applications.
  • Improvements to the zone lookup table editor. The interface has been visually refreshed, with performance improvements to the loading and saving of zone lookup tables. It’s now possible to clear cells, individually and in a range, instead of leaving them at zero.
  • Improvements to how some data is stored locally for desktop applications. For some accounts this will result in faster synchronization, overall performance, and the ability to hold more records locally before setting an archive date.
  • Improvements to the use of customer time zones within the Customer Web Portal. Dates and times are formatted to the time zone specified under a customer’s record.
  • Improvements to the load time and overall performance of the Tracking page within the Customer Web Portal.
  • Improvements to the amount of data space saved when using the archive date setting and purge deleted items function.
  • Improvements to the Xero Extension, making it easier to use with additional automation.
  • Improvements to the FreshBooks Extension.
  • Improvements to minimize the amount of data required to store route stops.
  • Issue where the RouteName property would always return null on an order via the OnTime API.
  • Fixed incorrect data type label on collection and delivery fields in file import mapping.
  • Various issues reported via the OnTime error reporting service.

January 7, 2019

  • Various issues reported via the OnTime error reporting service.

December 21, 2018

  • Route optimization: Instead of manually choosing the order in which driver stops are sorted, the route optimization feature can be used to automatically sort the stops in the best order. Three methods of route optimization are available including Basic (Point-to-Point), Vehicle Route, and Vehicle Route with Time Windows. Each stop is optimized so that all stops can be visited across the shortest possible geographic distance along streets and roads, while prioritizing the arrival time window for each stop. Using an advanced genetic algorithm, geographic distance is measured thoroughly to ensure the best route using live mapping data. The time window assigned to each stop is evaluated to ensure that the driver will arrive at each stop within that time window. This results in a geographic optimization that honors time constraints. Route statistics are enhanced to include accurate estimates of time and distance between each stop based on available mapping data.
  • Driver Position History: Replay the locations and routes traveled by users of the OnTime Mobile app. Select a date range to retrieve and all location tracking data for the selected user. Then click the Play button to see the user's location replayed on the map.
  • Driver Settlement report: Print and email driver settlement reports, individually or in bulk. Right-click on a user to access this new report.
  • Driver price set compensation is now included under the User Compensation area of an order’s details.
  • My Orders list view can now be changed between orders view and stops view.
  • Barcode scanning into reference number, purchase order, comments, description, incoming tracking number, and outgoing tracking number fields.
  • Added customer department as a column to the Tracking view.
  • Option to clear sort order within route optimization list, which resets the list to chronological order. Right click the list and choose "Clear Sort Order".
  • Workflow Notification Designer now highlights special fields as tags, which can be clicked on. A new preview option makes it possible to view a preview of the message as it will appear when being sent.
  • Customer Web Portal settings within a customer record have a refined and more detailed interface.
  • Issue that could cause report database synchronization to progress beyond 100% due to the database reaching its maximum file size.
  • Added sorting to department and customer contacts lists.
  • An issue that caused the price set editor to prompt for saving multiple times.
  • An issue that could cause a problem opening notifications from within the Workflow Designer.
  • An issue with Terms and Conditions not displaying properly.
  • An issue that could cause unbilled orders, tracking, or other lists to fail to load with the following message: These columns don't currently have unique values.
  • General fixes for security, reliability, and performance across the API and SDK.
  • An issue causing some quick views to display an error message.
  • An issue causing the insertion of special fields within the workflow designer to fail.
  • An issue that could cause running a scan for unbilled orders to report incorrect results.
  • An issue that could cause some the sorting of some orders to appear out of sequence.
  • An issue that could cause an error when running route optimization with the "return home" option selected.
  • Various issues reported via the OnTime error reporting service.

Archived Release Notes

View release notes for older versions

The affordability of such a small monthly premium was a huge factor in my acquisition of this program for my courier services as I was starting out from nothing.

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