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Changing Your OnTime Subscription Plan

Learn how to quickly upgrade or downgrade your OnTime subscription plan.

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In this video, we're going to show you how to change your OnTime subscription plan without ever having to pickup the phone. To do that, you'll need access to OnTime Management Suite. Once logged in, find the Account tab at the top and choose Chane My Subscription. Here we have the option to upgrade or downgrade our subcriptions.

In this example, we're going to take the Standard plan and upgrade to the Enterprise plan. I'm going to choose Upgrade My Subscription, which then launches the upgrade wizard. What's nice about this wizard is it walks you through the process and clearly tells you how much it's going to cost, when it goes into effect, and what we can expect to happen.

The first thing it asks me to do is choose between Professional and Enterprise because those are my two options for upgrading at this point. It even tells me how much it would cost if I want that to go into effect today. That cost is the prorated difference for the remainder of my billing cycle. I'll go ahead and pick Enterprise and click Next. Here's where I get to choose between two options: should this go into effect today, or should this go into effect at the beginning of my next billing cycle, which is the first day of the following month. I'll choose to have it done on the first day of the following month, I'll choose Next, and that's all it takes. My request for an upgrade has now been processed. On the first day of next month, I'll automatically be upgraded and, when that process is complete, I'll receive an email notifying me that everything has been upgraded and new information about my subscription level.

This has been a demonstration of how to upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan. If you have any questions about this process or your account, please feel free to contact the OnTime Customer Support department. We'll be glad to assist.

It is a great system and they are always doing things to make improvements to it. Honestly, it's worth way more than $200 a month.

George Shea | First State Couriers