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Search and Organize Orders with the Tracking View

All of your orders may be viewed through the tracking view in both OnTime Management Suite and Dispatch. This video will walk you through customizing that view and searching for the orders you need to see.

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In this video, we're going to talk about how to search and organize your orders with the Tracking View in OnTime. Both the OnTime Management Suite and OnTime Dispatch programs contain virtually the same Tracking View. That means that the things done in this video can be done in either program. In this video, we're going to illustrate using OnTime Management Suite.

Once we access the Tracking View, you'll see, generally speaking, all of the most recent orders entered into the system. By default, this view shows all of the orders, with no filters applied, so you see everything. But of course in using your business workflow, you're going to want to change this view to fit with the job that you're doing at hand. This may involve modifying the view or it may involve applying filters so that you see only the data that you want to see. We're going to discuss how to do both of those things.

First of all, let's talk about how to modify the view. There are several things that you can do in this view to make the data formatted in the way that's most appealing to you. First of all, you can rearrange the order of columns by simply clicking on a comlumn header and dragging it to the left or the right, into the position that you desire. Another thing that you can do is sort any of these columns by ascending or descending by left-clicking on the column header once. Clicking it once with sort it once, click it a second time to sort it in the opposite direction.

By default, the Tracking View will show you almost all of the columns that we have available. If you wish to slim down that information and only show certain columns, you can get rid of excess clutter by hiding columns. To do this, right-click anywhere within the Tracking View and click Customize Current View. This will display a list of all of the available columns. Any item that is checked will be displayed. Uncheck a column to hide it. So, let's try unchecking Tracking Number. We'll click OK and notice that the Tracking Number disappear. To bring it back, right-click, Customize Current View, re-enable the tracking, click OK, and we get our Tracking Number column back.

So again, you can make changes to the way the view looks and then, when you restart the program and come back later on, all of your customizations will be stored. So, once you get it set to look the way you like, it will stay that way.

Another thing that we talked about doing is filtering the information to show only what you want to see. In the upper-right hand corner, you might notice that the Search box, which we usually use in OnTime to search things and filter data, is disabled in the Tracking View. And that's because there are far more advanced things you can do when it comes to searching in the Tracking View. Those are accessed by clicking on Advanced Search either on the left hand side or up in the ribbon. When you click on Advanced Search, you'll get a drop-down pane that allows you to search on any number of columns and the information, and to actually do multiple searches combined together. For instance, if we're looking for a particular order that has a Tracking Number, we can type in either the full Tracking Number or part of it, and then click on the Search button. That will bring back all orders in the system that have that match, full or partial. At this point, we could take it one step further and layer on another search. Maybe we only want to show Tracking Numbers of that match that are in the Completed status. So, over here we click on Completed and then click Search, and we get an even more narrow view. Now, what if we only wanted to see orders with that Tracking Number and a Completed Status for that current month? To do that, we could go down to the date field and choose is between, choose the dates for our current month, and then click Search. And the information will narrow down even further. This Advanced Search allows you to really layer the searches and get exactly the information that you want to see.

When we prepare these searches, it requires a little bit of work to get just the right data. It would be a really nice thing to be able to save these searches and come back to them very quickly later on. OnTime allows you to do that by using this Quick View mechanism. Your Quick Views actually appear over on the left hand side. As an example, let's try a search that returns all orders for the past seven days. To do that, I'm going to clear out the Tracking Number search because we want to search all orders. I'm going to change the Date Submitted to be is between and instead of literally using dates, let's use a calculated date. So, we'll change these two and change days from today to -8 and -1. What that will do is dynamically figure out how many figure out how many days is 8 days in the past and also one day in the past, and it will return all orders that were submitted between those dates. We'll also set it to the Completed status over here, so this is going to show us all order Completed over the past seven days. Let's search. Then, to save that search, we're going to click on Save as Quick view and let's give it a name: "Completed orders from last 7 days." When we click OK, notice it appears over on the left hand side in your Quick Views area. At any time, I can click that and it will automatically load that search. Let me try switching between Quick Views and notice how the information changes right away. So, that's an excellent way of getting just the information that you want, saving that as a snapshot so that anytime you can get at that information, and it's dynamically updated, always real-time with the information that you need to see.

So that is how you can do Advanced Searching and organizing in the Tracking View. If you have any additional questions about how to use the Tracking View, please contact OnTime Customer Support at

Thank you, thank you! Love you guys!

Justin Bergener | Medstar Cabulance, Inc.