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What is Considered a User?

For billing purposes, OnTime defines a user as "any employee, independent contractor, agent, or partner who logs in to your OnTime account via one of the OnTime applications." Typically, each worker will have their own user account.

The administrators of an OnTime account are always in control of the number of users. User accounts are never added automatically by the system.

Who Is NOT Considered a User?

  • Employees that do not need to use the OnTime software would not need to be set up as users.
  • Your customers, shippers, or clients are not considered users. OnTime gives you unlimited customers for no additional cost.

If you have additional questions about user accounts, contact OnTime Sales.

The affordability of such a small monthly premium was a huge factor in my acquisition of this program for my courier services as I was starting out from nothing.

Mani Rampersaud | Proven Express