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OnTime Downloads

The following courier software downloads work with an OnTime account. If you do not have an OnTime account, purchase an account or sign up for a trial.

—   Essential Download for New Accounts   —

OnTime Management Suite

For: Owners, Administrators, Managers

OnTime Management Suite is the app for setting up and managing an OnTime account. Manage users, customers, pricing, routes, schedules, and much more.

Released: January 06, 2018
Version: 4.2.112
Requires: Microsoft Windows

System requirements

What's new in this release?


OnTime Dispatch

For: Customer Service Representatives, Dispatchers
OnTime Dispatch delivery software consists of all of the tools needed to create, track, and manage shipments as they pass across OnTime.

Released: January 06, 2018
Version: 4.2.112
Requires: Microsoft Windows

System requirements

What's new in this release?


Preview and Archived Releases

Interested in trying the latest features within OnTime? Indulge your sense of revolutionary adventure and use the latest Preview Release. Or play it safe and download an older, more mature release from our archive.


OnTime Mobile


Platform: All Mobile Devices

For: Messengers, Couriers, Drivers
OnTime logistics software includes applications specifically designed for a variety of mobile devices, including Android, Blackberry, iOS, and Windows Phone. Click here for more information on how to download and install these apps on your mobile device.


OnTime Mobile for Windows Mobile


Platform: Windows Mobile
Version: 3.3.139
Released: 10/28/2014

Designed for Windows Mobile

For: Messengers, Couriers, Drivers
OnTime software maximizes the productivity of drivers using Windows Mobile powered devices by incorporating and utilizing advanced cellular phone features and techniques.

You may also download OnTime Mobile for Windows Mobile directly from your Windows Mobile device by browsing to in your device's internet browser.

Requires: Windows Mobile 2003/2003 Second Edition/5/6/6.5 for Pocket PC or Pocket PC Phone Edition (Classic and Professional). This installation is for classic Windows Mobile, not Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile.


Thanks for working hard with everything you do to help make improvements to this system for us and the hundreds of other courier companies out there. It’s people like you with a company like On Time that really make a difference and show that you really do care about the product and with retaining existing customers. The customer support and the fact that you guys stand behind your product is just unbelievable.

George Shea | First State Couriers