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Adjusting Prices with Actions

Actions are different types of arithmetic that OnTime delivery software uses when calculating a price modifier to determine a price.

Price adjustment in courier software

Types of action include Flat Amount, Flat Percentage, Flat Overage Amount, Flat Overage Percentage, Incremental Overage Amount, and Incremental Overage Percentage. All of these actions can be positive numbers, negative numbers, or contain decimal places.

Flat Amount and Flat Percentage Actions

These actions will perform simple equations using a specific amount or percentage and apply to the base price of an order. These action types are useful when you want to apply an unchanging charge, such as a $5 delivery fee or 10% commission.

Flat Overage Amount and Flat Overage Percentage Actions

Based on a price modifier’s watch value and thresholds, these actions can be used to apply to an order when certain criteria are met. Charges calculated by these actions will only be applied when the specified threshold is exceeded on an order. You may wish to use these actions when applying additional fees, such as rates for orders with exceptional weight or mileage.

Incremental Overage Amount and Incremental Overage Percentage Actions

Like Flat Overage Amount and Percentage actions, these actions use a price modifier’s watch value and thresholds to determine if the modifier should apply to an order based on the outlined criteria. Incremental action types also use the increment field to determine if charges calculated should be applied to an order. These modifier actions will apply every time the threshold is exceeded. These actions can be used when applying fees that should be charged again and again, such as per-mile or per-pound rates.

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